Monday, August 11, 2008

I Found A Woodchuck!

As I said I continue to do, in my post, "Why I Love The Nature Trails", I was looking for more nature parks. This time a specific one called Harmon Oaks Park. It's located in Farmington Hills on Greening Road, one block east of Orchard Lake Road and two blocks north of Thirteen Mile Road. What I found was kind of disappointing. There was really no place for me to park, so it didn't seem very accessible to people outside the local neighborhood. I decided not to bother with it. Well, not all everyday adventures can end well. It was still worth a look. It is a public place, so any adventurous souls out there might want to see if they can do better than I did. Anyway, I thought this adventure was at an end, but while I was driving around, I found this chubby little guy. He's a woodchuck or groundhog (same thing),whose new name is Harvey, by the way. Harvey was kind enough to pose for several pictures for me, which I will include in a few upcoming posts (How's that for milking it). It seems even a disappointment can turn into a good adventure in the end.

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