Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why I Love The Nature Trails

I've been posting these messages and pictures for a little while now, and I just wanted to explain a few things. So far I have made the nature trails the thing I talk about the most. The scenery is really fun, and I've tried to make the pictures a good size to use for computer wallpaper. I love catching a glimpse of some form of wildlife every once in a while when I'm out hiking on the trails. The bridges and the water, the trees and other plant life, are all great. But the real fun is the discovery of new things. Just look at the map in the picture above. It's like seeing a maze. When you're actually out there, and you're not sure where the next fork in the path, or the next turn will be, it's just the most unbelievable experience. What will you discover next on the path? Who might you meet? The people you pass on the trails are mostly pretty friendly, and they almost always greet you as you walk by. Sometimes they even strike up a conversation. The point is, the exploration, the adventure, the discovery, the learning experience, the sense of accomplishment when you conquer a trail. It makes you feel glad to be alive. I urge everyone to try at least one of these trails. I think you'll have similar feelings. I'm doing this just about every day now. And when I'm not on the trails or finding another type of adventure, I'm looking for more nature parks, trails, or any other adventure I can have. I'm having a wonderful time. Are you?

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