Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hello! I'm Back! Are You?

I took these pictures 3 weeks ago. I was going to post them shortly after then but I got self conscious about it because I had been gone so long. I hope you enjoy these and my story if you're still here with me.

Before I start I noticed that Blogger has made a few changes. I like what I see in the first few minutes. I hope it is still a good experience as I go on with my edits to this post. Anyway, let's get on with it.

Any of you longer time readers may remember that my dog hates to ride in a vehicle. Well, she made a conscious effort shortly before this trip to ride just so she could stay with me. She actually asked to go in her doggy way.

The poor dog endured a long trip to one nature park near the river. I took lots of pictures there but for some reason they all ended up blurry and messed up. I didn't realize it until I got home and looked at everything. 

But after she took the trip to the first park so bravely I decided to continue on to this bigger nature park. It was an even farther distance away from home. She did great getting to this one. She was learning fast.

We got out of the truck and explored the edge of the river here for quite awhile. This is where I got all of the pictures. This is a beautiful place that only gets better every year I come here.

The dog, Delilah is always amazed by what she sees whenever she is brave enough to go. She has only ever been to a nature park a few times now. I'm going to change that now that she is getting better about riding. 

Honestly, that is part of what has been holding me back about blogging. I just felt bad about going to a nature park without my dog. I'm also still experimenting with how far I can walk now too. But the dog was the main thing. I think she'll be fine now.

After I was done wandering around near the river with my excited dog, I decided to wrap things up. Before I left though, I went to look at the forested area behind the restrooms. I never went over there the many times I've been here. I was amazed by what I found.

A nature trail! There it was calling to me to explore it just like I used to do with other trails. The only problem was that I was too tired by then to answer that call. I decided that it was going to have to wait for another time.

I think that other time is coming in a couple days from now. I'm all set to take my dog on a walk through a good old forested nature trail just like I used to do in years past. I'm going to be in heaven! I hope the dog feels the same about the trails as I do. I think she will.

And to anyone who is still here with me, thanks for reading my blog. I missed you. I'll talk to you later.