Sunday, April 14, 2019

Delilah And Her New Toy

Delilah finally made her last trip to the vet for a while. She had her spay stitches taken out. I held her front paws up while the vet removed the stitches. It was easy and fast. It seemed like it was done before it started.

Delilah was much better in the truck. But on the truck ride home, she had a little accident on the tarp she had to ride on. I still haven't had a chance to train her to ride better. That will start soon, even though I think she'll get better with age anyway.

I keep Isabella's old toys out in the garage. Every once-in-awhile I bring in a couple of them for Delilah. This time I brought her a squeaky pink pig toy.

Delilah ran back and forth as happy as can be for the rest of the day. I thought it was a good way to transition her from the idea of the vet trip. I think it worked very well.

I don't know how well you can see it in these blurry pictures, but Delilah is growing fast. Her face is changing from that of a puppy to an adult dog. It's about halfway through. I think she looks a great deal different than when I got her.

She is also a lot bigger than she was when I got her. It's hard to see it in the pictures, but she has very long legs and big feet. And her ears still seem very over-sized, so she still has quite a bit of growing to do.

It's difficult to get much better than blurry pictures of her right now. She's always moving. So I figure the blurry ones are fun anyway. This last one was in mid-leap right at me with a running start. I was prepared this time.

I'm thinking of going on a few trips to nature parks without Delilah pretty soon. I can't take her for rides yet, but I want to go on a few hikes. We'll see what I can do when I have the time. It should warm back up pretty soon. And hopefully, the flooding doesn't get worse.

They've been saying that this is going to be one of the worst years for flooding in this area. The roads have been closed twice already. That's supposed to be a common event for a while. I'll just have to live with it. I'll talk to you later.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Say No To Drugs

Today I got my dog off of drugs. After she was spayed her evil drug dealer the vet gave her some stuff that turned her into a psycho, aggressive and hyper lunatic. He called the pills "pain medication." I call them crazy pills. But let me tell you how all of this happened.

After Delilah was spayed the vet gave me three pills to give to Delilah to ease the pain. I was to give her one a day for three days. I had no idea what the awful results would be, but I wanted the best for my gentle little puppy.

The second day she was home, her first pill day, I gave her the first pill. In a little while, Delilah seemed to get a big boost of energy. She began running through the house at top speed. I was kind of surprised that she was feeling so much better already.

For the rest of the day, Delilah acted in her most obnoxious manner. She kept biting me and jumping on me much more than usual. This was much more aggressive than her usual playing. I had to push her away many times, but she insisted on attacking me, coming back each time. I just figured it was a bad day for her.

The second pill day, she went outside after her pill. I thought all was normal. Why would I not? But when I went outside I discovered that she had pulled a lot of the cable TV wire off of the side of the house! I caught her before she actually disconnected it or tore it apart. She was able to do this even though I always watch her closely when she's outside.

She was still being hyper-aggressive in everything she did for the whole day. She acted like this all day and much of the night. I got very little sleep because she kept me up almost till morning. She was just in a complete violent frenzy.

On the third pill day, I began to suspect that something wasn't quite right, but she was still behaving mostly like herself, just very much more so. It was just that all of her bad habits were greatly amplified. But then it got stranger.

After she had been outside for a little while, I went to the door to check on her. I looked down to discover that she had gathered her old poop into a pile on the porch! I suspected it was for snacks. Yuck! I quickly disposed of all of this.

I was pretty sure by now that the pills were somehow causing all of this behavior because it was only after giving her a pill that she acted crazy. I was glad they were now all gone.

And finally, the day after the pills, when they were all gone, she went back to behaving like her normal old self. The intense crazy behavior was gone. She still has some bad habits. All creatures do. But she's not so aggressively crazy and obnoxious.

I would still want her to have less pain after an operation like that, but I think I would be more prepared for the effects of pain pills now. This was not fun to deal with. She's still obnoxious sometimes, but in a normal way. I like normal.

I got her off the drugs. Say no to drugs, unless they're prescribed by a doctor. And even then, be prepared for the results. I'll talk to you later.