Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Big Sioux River

It took me awhile this time, but I'm finally back. I could tell you a bunch of stories about all the great adventures I've been on while I was away from here, but I really haven't had time to do much at all. No big adventures, no pictures, and no blogging fun.

My furnace had to be fixed before winter came around, so I had to prepare for that fun. While I was doing that my water heater quit working. Luckily, after some repairs, they're both working as well as they can be for now.

During all of this while I was driving down the highway a deer ran into the side of my truck. I'm happy to say the deer seemed to be okay enough to keep on running. My truck ended up with a big old dent in the door and a broken door handle. I had to take it into the shop anyway to get several things fixed, some major, so I had them fix the door as well. It all took over a week before I got it back.

On a good note, I finally am able to get some time to go back out to do some adventuring. My first little trip was down the road from me a few miles to visit The Big Sioux River. I walked my dog right up to the edge of the river and she walked right in and began to splash around. She seems to love the water.

Can you tell these pictures are a different shape than my usual stuff? That's because I took them with my new phone. My old one might have done an adequate job, but I decided to get a Lumia Icon. I chose it because it has the second best camera of any phone and I like Windows Phone. The pictures are great so far.

I'll still use my good camera when I'm out on more important adventures, but now I can have a good camera wherever I go. The camera on this phone is actually better than the camera I used for the first couple of years of writing this blog. And the phone has an excellent geocaching app on it.

I'm getting ready to visit a place with a lot of Halloween decorations. I was there last year already, but if they have something different I'll post some pictures here. That should mean I'll be back quite a bit sooner than last time. I really want to get them up by Halloween. We'll see what I can do. I'll talk to you later.