Monday, November 24, 2014

The Village

The pictures I have for you today were taken last summer. Right now it looks very different around here. There are no leaves left on the trees and everything is covered in snow. Also the temperature is much too cold for me to do much of anything other than wait till it warms up just a little bit to go out.

My first trip when I do go out will be right back to this very place, but maybe not to this village in the woods. The nature park where this village exists is a big one with many different features to explore, and there are many that I haven't seen yet. But today I want to talk about the village.

This village is one of the features of  Adams Homestead And Nature Preserve. I can't say I know much about it yet because I've only visited it once so far. I do know that this house above was built in the 1880s. That's pretty old for this part of the country. It's called the Shay-Adams House.

There are several buildings in this little village with signs like the ones above out in front of each one. They give a nice little description of each building and maybe go into the history of each one. In a future post I'll maybe give you a better look at what some of them say. I'll be back here many more times.

The cabin above was built in the 1860s and is called The Brusseau House. The door was open, so I went inside and took a few pictures. I'll feature them in a future post, I'm not sure when yet. I'm not sure if the door was meant to be open or if I was supposed to go in, but I did. I'm an outlaw. Fear me.

This red building is a school house. I never went closer to it than this. I don't know why. Onew of these4 next visits I'll have to go up close and examine it better. By the time I got this far I was eager to explore other parts of the nature park, and I was hunting a geocache, which I found.

The only thing we had like this back in Michigan near me was a big place called Greenfield Village which cost quite a bit of money to get in. It was worth it, but this little place gives you a similar but very much smaller experience, without all the flash, for free.

I hope I can keep these more frequent posts up, but the very much colder weather is going to make it difficult. It's been cold and windy around here. The cold is fine, but that wind just about kills me. I'll be making a point of going out on warmer days, and there are a few inside places I'll be visiting as well. I'll talk to you later.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Way To View Mud Lake

I'm finally going to show you the little viewing areas at Mud Lake at Adams Nature Area.  The structure above sits at the edge of the lake, as you can obviously see. That wall in front seems to block your view of the lake, but that is very deceptive.

What you do is sit on the bench in front of the wall and look through those slots. Once you get up close it's obvious why the wall and those slots are there. The wall isn't to hide the lake, it's to hide you from the birds. That way you can watch them and they won't swim away. Good idea, isn't it?

Here above is a closeup of that sign on the wall. It shows some of the water birds you might see swimming on the lake. A couple of them are just regular birds.Most of these are different kinds of ducks. I've seen many of these kinds of birds before, but there are a few that I've never seen. I hope I get to see all of them at some point.

The picture above is the view of the lake that you can see through those slots. When you're sitting on the bench those slots are the perfect height. You really can see a lot more than you think you might. I was really doubtful until I sat down.

I took several pictures of the lake through those slots, but I'll only share this one this time. I've shown you rivers and lakes a lot recently, so it would just get kind of repetitive if I did it here again. I'll feature this lake better sometime in the future. Maybe then there will be some ducks.

Here's a view of the other building that's down the trail farther on. I wish I had some better pictures than this. I really thought I covered it all at the time, but this was all I got. You can see this one has no slots. There are still benches and you can see a lot better here.

You don't have to use these buildings to see the lake. You can walk right out to the edge if you want, but these are so much more comfortable and convenient. And I still haven't walked all the way along the path that edges this lake. I had to take the dog back to the truck.

I'll be coming back here soon, but it's going to be a lot colder outside. It was a beautiful fall day when I took these pictures, but winter cold has hit here since then with a vengeance. I'm determined to still go out. I never let a little cold stop me when I was in Michigan. I'll talk to you later.