Friday, October 20, 2017

Why I Don't Eat Wild Apples

If you only looked at the picture above so far then what you are seeing is an apple tree by the side of an old country road. You may be able to tell by looking at this picture that the tree is just full of green apples. Normally that would mean that it's full of free snacks and pies for the owner of that tree. But there's a reason that isn't true.

I have to say that I do like free apples, and I do like the green ones, but sometimes there is just a good reason not to eat them. Maybe you know that reason. But if you don't then let's scroll down to the page just a little further to find out.

Here's a closer look at those formerly luscious apples. Now they don't look quite as good, do they? This shows the reason why I rarely eat wild apples. Most of the time they are rotten or full of worms. They might be good to give to the cows though.

I will say that every once-in-a-while you can find good wild apples. I had three good apple trees in my yard when I was a kid. The apples were sour, but they were very good. And they made excellent objects to throw at the other kids. I'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Peace In The Country

Here's something I don't usually do. I have a couple of nice country scenes I captured while I was out. I was out on a normal everyday nature adventure and both of these scenes made me stop the truck so I could get out and get pictures.

I'm not so sure I was able to duplicate in these pictures the beauty I found here. For some reason, it never seems to work out that easily. Maybe you just have to be there, or maybe I just need to be better at taking the pictures. I'm not sure either one of those will happen anytime soon though, so this is it.

Up above is the farmyard where Old 79 lives. I saw this scene before I saw her. The buildings out there all alone among the trees just seemed so nice. This is what I like about the country. It's so quiet and peaceful. And if you look in the right direction you can see for miles and miles.

When I lived in the city I used to say that everyone can do this. But country living isn't for everyone. But you can visit the country from time to time. A good relaxing drive along some old country roads might be fun. You won't know that it's true until you try it. I'll talk to you later.