Thursday, December 18, 2014


I really dislike posting the way I'm doing today, but I think this is the only appropriate way I could do this one. I'm giving you a total of 8 pictures in today's post. That's the most I've ever done in one post by far. I usually like to do 5 pictures at most, with 3 being just right.

I recently visited the town of Winnetoon, Nebraska. It's the place where my Grandpa was born. This one street is like an outside museum. All of the buildings are old fashioned with statues and other interesting features. I took pictures of everything, and I'm sharing the best with you.

I don't have much more to say about this place because I don't know much about it. I went here with my mom so she could see some of the sights from her childhood. We were visiting the next town over for her, where she was a kid, but we couldn't miss this one either.

I'm going to do one more post with sights from Winnetoon. It will have similar things to this one, but they are separate from this street. In some ways they're even more interesting than these pictures. There is also a small area like the one in today's post in a town not far from me, but it's not nearly as big as this. I'll post pictures of that place too one of these days.

I don't think any of these buildings in today's post are occupied, but I could be very wrong. I do know that some of them aren't whole buildings though, so that supports my theory. I went around back and saw a few front walls that were just propped up with nothing else behind them, and there were some other very narrow buildings as well.

When I went here it was a cloudy fall-like day. I found out after I got home that winter moved back into this place right after I left with a pretty big winter storm. I'm glad I missed that one. I got a tiny bit of snow here at home, but it got kind of cold. I don't miss the snow. I'll talk to you later.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little Look At The Park

I often complain about not having very many trees around here. It really is the truth, but there are places with plenty of trees in most of the nature parks around here. There just aren't quite as many, and the area with the trees isn't usually as big. That's okay.

As long as I get to stand in the middle of a bunch of trees sometimes I'm perfectly fine. I don't know what it is about a good forest that I like so much, but I really feel at peace there. And it's not even necessarily the place where I might find animals. I see them in lots of different places.

I got my answer on the trail that used to go up to the river in my closest nature park. I didn't even have to ask anyone about it. Under that stop sign in the picture above is a keep out sign as well. There is a walkway that goes over the railroad tracks that used to lead to the other part of the nature trail. I guess they decided to permanently close it off.

That's a shame because it used to lead to a couple more little foot bridges, and it lead right up to a trail that went along the river for a little ways. I really liked it, but I'm guessing they just couldn't maintain the bridges anymore, and maybe they became a little dangerous. They were really kind of old and rickety.

Above you can see one of the small hills on the trail in this hiking park. I really like having these hills, but they sure do get hard on my back when I travel up and down them so much. Even these little hills in this park have been hard for me lately. They're not much better for my lazy dog.

Back in Michigan I can remember the time I was chased by racoons. I ran about half a mile up and down hills like this to get away from them. I was a little out of breath when it was done, but I still felt pretty good. I think I need to get out more often. It used to be mostly every day back then, but now I mostly ride around in the truck. I miss the old days. I'll talk to you later.