Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Dog And The Bird Feeder

I want to show you what my dog Isabella does all day. This is her above looking out my back door. That's her spot from the time I wake up in the morning to the time it gets dark at night. The only time she leaves that position is when I let her outside.

The back door is like a television set to Isabella, and she's one of the worst couch potatoes I've ever seen. She's completely obsessed. She watches cats walk along that far wall back there that she can never reach on her chain while she's out. They know she can't reach them, so they flaunt themselves as they walk across there.

When a bird flew over to the bird feeder out there she wasn't in her normal position at the door, so she ran over to get a closer look. I wanted to get a few pictures of the bird, but her motion at the door made it fly away. Better luck next time.

And that brings me to the bird feeder. This is it, my new bird feeder. Don't laugh. I know it's not much, and that's the point. I bought the cheapest feeder I could find because I didn't know if any birds were going to show up at it.

Now I know that birds are going to come, so I can get something better when this one begins to run out. Once the birds began to come they peck at it at least once a day. I don't get many, but at least they do come. That makes me happy enough to get something better next time.

I don't even really have a place to hang this feeder, but that's something else I'll change in the future. I'll rig up something so the next one is hanging so the birds will feel more comfortable. I also want it to be centered in the window so I can see it well from my chair. That'll be good.

I'll talk to you later.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Junco At The Feeder

I got my first bird at my new little bird feeder, this little Junco. Sure I know the bird feeder isn't much, but that's on purpose. I'll explain my reasoning in my next post. The important thing is that I got a bird! I've been waiting several days for this.

The first day when I put the feeder out there I watched it like a hawk. I knew no birds would show up that day, but I just couldn't help myself. After the second and third days rolled by with nothing, I began to get a little impatient, even though I knew it was still too soon.

Then it finally happened! I was so excited. I watched this bird creeping up to the feeder for awhile before I finally ran to get my camera. I purposely kept the camera out of this room so I wouldn't get my hopes up too early. But then this bird was here.

Of course I took these pictures days ago now. The picture on top was posted on the internet before now. I learned to use Twitter as a tool for quick updates, so I posted that picture there just minutes after I took them. It worked out well for a quick update like that.

I'm still guessing that almost nobody looked at the picture. For one, I don't have many Twitter followers. And for another thing, I still think that Twitter is just a place where us normal people can follow more famous people. It works better for them. I haven't been proved wrong yet. I'd like to be.

It didn't take long for the little bird to fly away. I'm sure it didn't appreciate me kneeling there at the door just a few feet away from it. Since then I've learned that I don't have to be quite so close to get my pictures. It also helped that I gave the window a good cleaning.

It's so easy for me to get these pictures. I can stay right in my chair and take the pictures from there. It's the lap of luxury. Of course I won't just do this all the time now. I have many trips planned to go out to several nature type places.

but this is a good thing to have on those days I can't go anywhere or when I get back home. It reawakened the idea in me that there is so much nature right around my house. A few years ago I was doing lots of stuff just right around here. I need to kind of get back to that. I'll talk to you next time.