Friday, April 4, 2014

Finally The Wild Buffalo

On a recent warm day I went out in search of all the nature I could find. The first thing I wanted to do was see some buffalo. I decided to stop over at the buffalo farm because I figured that would probably be my best bet, but I didn't see any of them out there. No luck yet.

My next journey was through Broken Kettle Grasslands because that's where the wild buffalo live. Even though I've never seen them here yet, I had a feeling I was going to get lucky on this day. Sure enough, as I traveled down the road looking out my side window, I saw something moving out in the distance.

I had to strain to see them out there, and they were only dots to my own eyes. I really had no idea whether they were actually buffalo or if they were only cows like I saw the last time I saw animals out here.

The thing is, even though I could basically see not much more than specks on the landscape, they didn't look like cows. I could swear that I thought I saw bigger shoulders and heads on these creatures. They couldn't be cows, could they?

I had to zoom my camera in all the way to get the pictures I did because they were so far away. I hoped it was enough to see them in the pictures. I still couldn't make out what they were in my view screen. I realized I wasn't going to find out what I was seeing until I got home to look at the pictures.

I just kept taking as many pictures as I could, hoping they would be good enough and close enough to see. I just knew in my heart the whole time that they had to be buffalo that I was seeing. Last time I did this they turned out to be cows. I wasn't really sure then. I'm glad this time I was completely right.

I have a lot more pictures than these. But how many can I really share in one post? I almost never go above five, but my usual is three. I figured these were good enough for now. I can't tell you how good I felt when I got home and looked at the pictures to see that they were indeed buffalo. Well, I guess I just did.

These buffalo are the biggest wild animals I've ever seen with my own eyes. I've seen plenty of deer, but they don't come close to this size. This is one of those wildlife sightings that makes me feel like I accomplished something. That happens whenever I see something new and special. It's a wonderful feeling. This is why I love nature so much. I'll talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beautiful Cows

These cows are the subject of my very last pictures from this winter. I wanted to post this before all of my spring pictures and adventures overtake them. These cows posed for me so patiently that I just had to share them with the world. They looked right at the camera for me.

I really think they were just probably wondering who the nut was who was pointing the stupid box at them. I don't think anyone ever did that to them before. Why would they? There are cows all over the place around here.

I was interested in them because they were a pretty good sized herd. There are plenty of bigger herds of cows around here, even right across the road from these at times, but this was the biggest I saw at the time that were close to the road.

I told you before that I'd look around for anything I could find around here to be the subjects of my pictures. My time lately has been kind of limited so because of that I've been running out of ideas. I still look for the buffalo, but that can turn kind of monotonous. The days also have been alternating between warmer and cold.

Just the day before yesterday we had summer type temperatures where I didn't even need a jacket. Yesterday evening it snowed a little. That makes it a little difficult to make good plans to go out exploring, but I've been able to do it. The warmer days will happen more and more often now.

I already have some new pictures, so I'll have something more for you than cows in my next post. I have to admit though that I love the cows because they remind me that I'm home. I've never felt at home like I do here. I don't even notice the smell anymore. Cow smell permeates everything around here. Back around Detroit, petroleum smell permeates everything. You only notice if you haven't been to either place in a long time.

I have something good for my next post. I'm thinking a lot about it. I'll talk to you later.