Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let Me Take You On A Hiking Tour

I'm going to take you along on a short hike with me today. I've attempted to do this in years past, but I always seemed to get distracted from my tour guide duties, then I ramble on about several other things. Not this time. I do have a few extra pictures in this post, but nobody has been complaining about the other posts with lots of pictures, so here we are.

First we start out on this very civilized wide trail at the front of the nature park. It's not paved, but it's well graveled and manicured. It's the kind that gives greenhorns a nice warm feeling inside. The thing I like about it is that it stretches on for quite a ways. We don't know what's coming next.

After awhile we see something new on the side of the trail. Cut into the grass is another trail that forks off into two directions. Are we allowed to go off the main trail and onto this strange one cut into the grass? Well there's only one way to find out. Let's take a chance and hit the grass trail. I won't tell anyone.

After taking the fork on the right we come to an even smaller trail. Nobody has come running over and yelled at us yet, so I'm pretty sure we're allowed to go on these new smaller trails.  Besides, they were clearly made for a reason.

You can see at the far end of the trail that there are a few more trees there, and something interesting is happening. Right at the end the trail there's a dip that clearly takes us downhill. That means a new bit of the adventure!

We now get to that end of the trail so we can now see what's beyond. We're standing at the top of a hill looking down into a very woody area. Some of you may not be impressed with the amount of trees, but believe me, this is very woody for around here. You can also see there on the left a hint of a body of water.

Finally we get to the very end of the trail. We're now standing at the edge of this small lake. This is our destination. I usually stand here and look out over the lake for awhile and just enjoy nature at its finest. This is what it's all about. I love being near the water.

At other times there may be several kinds of ducks and other water birds on this lake. It will take a few more trips like this to see them. You can't get that lucky every time. Just reaching our goal and seeing the lake is good enough for me though. I love this place.

And that's our little tour. It kind of gives you a much less fun view of my experiences. There's really nothing like being there, as many of you know. This was just a short hike. The longer ones are even more fun and interesting. There's just so much more to see on those. Maybe one day we'll go on one of those long hikes. I'll talk to you later.

Monday, January 19, 2015

At A New Buffalo Farm

I found these buffalo on a big farm down the road from one of my favorite nature parks. I had to use the zoom on my camera because they stayed at the opposite fence from me, which was actually very far away. I'll keep going back to see if they come closer one time.

As I always do, I took lots of pictures. I got it down to these three I have for you today. But these aren't necessarily the best. I usually pick the best of the bunch, but I really couldn't decide this time, so this is what I have left over.

That square piece on the fence above is a warning sign to keep away from the fence because the buffalo are dangerous. I would have rested the camera on the fence to take the pictures, but I didn't want to take a chance that it might be electrified. Touching an electric fence would have given me something funny to write about though. Bzzzzzzzzzzt!

I did a little bit of redesigning on the blog over the weekend. I moved a few things around and I added a Twitter widget. I moved some stuff that wasn't changing out of the way. I moved the blogroll closer to the top. Other things have moved down and some things have vanished.

I've been trying to give Twitter another little chance so I added the widget for that and I've been active on Twitter for the past few days. I'm trying to use it to give quick updates to things I'm doing related to this blog. Honestly I think Twitter is really only useful for famous people that everyone pays a lot of attention to. I'm going to use it heavily for awhile to see if I can prove myself wrong.

My dog got one of her treats caught in the back of her mouth over the weekend. She was never choking, but she was in some great distress. I tried to help her get it out, but I couldn't do anything for her. She knew I was trying to help her, so she let me do what I could. Luckily she finally got it out and is now doing fine. I thought I was going to lose her for a few minutes. She's had a million of those treats in the past and never had a problem before, but I'm afraid to give her any more of them now.

I was going to go on a bigger trip where I couldn't take the dog, but I've decided to postpone it just to make sure she's okay. I know she is, but I can go another day. It was going to be a good nature trip but there are a few indoor places as well. No dogs allowed.

I also finally bought a bird feeder for in back of the house. It's a very simple cheap one because I still don't know if the birds will come. They never did before with the stuff out front. I only have it sitting on the rail of the porch because there is nowhere to hang it yet. If it's successful I'll build something better next summer.

I think that's it for now. I'll be back with another post just as soon as I can get some more pictures. I'll talk to you later.