Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wildflowers On The Prairie Trail

I have lots of pictures of wildflowers for you today. I don't know that they are very good though. The bright Sun kind of made it hard to get the focus on my camera right. You still get a good look at what I was seeing as long as you examine the pictures a bit though.

 Here's a closer look at that plant's flowers from the first picture. I did the best I could, but the Sun was probably just a little too bright.

Here's the other kind of wildflower I found there. I said I had lots of pictures, I didn't say I had lots of different kinds of flowers. The many pictures are here to help give you an idea of what I was seeing. These were all each different plants I encountered along the trail. It was kind of fun struggling to get decent pictures with each one.

As you can see, each picture got a little better, and I guess a little closer. Now you can finally get an okay look at what these flowers look like. I like them. They have an interesting shape.

By the end of the trail the dog and I found a crude old bench made of two by fours. I decided to take a little rest for my back and because my poor out of shape dog was huffing and puffing. She really should be in better shape. It's not as if she isn't constantly outside chasing anything that moves.

This grass is what I saw while I was resting on that bench. I just thought it looked nice because of the way it turned white at the ends. You can see it well in the picture, but pictures never really compare to the real thing.

One last thing I want to say. As you know I started a new blog Strange Dreams Of The Rat. I don't get many comments there yet, but I'm getting lots more readers than I anticipated. The great thing is that it really writes itself, so it doesn't interfere with this blog. I just wanted to mention it because it's been really fun so far writing about that insane stuff. I'll talk to you later.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Prairie Trail

My little nature park has two main trails.This time I decided to visit the one I usually avoid, the prairie trail. I don't usually go on this trail because there aren't any trees along it. It cuts through the grass. There's usually not much here except that grass and a long walk, but I found a little bit to share this time.

This trail used to go in a circle back into the woods and join up to the other trail, but a fallen tree across the path at the edge of the woods stopped them from maintaining the trail in that area for some reason. These trails have really deteriorated since that first year I visited this place. It's a shame. I just have to assume they had no choice in the matter.

The first things I saw were lots of rabbits relaxing in the shade of some of the few trees on this side of the park. These pictures were cropped heavily because the rabbits weren't nearly as close as they look here. I had to do something so you could see them as more than dots. The rabbits ran as soon as I got anywhere close to them.

here's another rabbit that wasn't far from the first one. I have to say that the rabbits weren't limited to this area. You can find them all over the park. This just happened to be where I was this time. Many of these rabbits are juveniles. The rabbit parents were apparently very busy last spring.

This gnarled old tree is probably the main attraction on this trail. It makes kind of a nice looking picture, but there isn't much more on the trail. Now maybe you understand why I usually go the other direction. This trail is nice to hike everyonce in a while though.

This last picture shows the same tree from the other side. From here I am standing near the woods at the end of the trail. I really hoped I could get through there to the other trail, but the path is blocked too well to make it.

I even tried to go a little farther in the woods to maybe find the trail on the other side. My poor nonathletic dog protested greatly when I made her climb over that really big fallen tree. She hated it even more when only a few minutes later she had to climb back again.

Maybe this post sounds kind of bleak, but I really did see more on this trail. I'll show some of it in my next post. It really was worth the hike. I think I'll be going the other direction for awhile though. I keep hoping I'll see a deer or something one of these times. I'll talk to you later.