Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Over The Hills And Far Away

I thought today I'd show you what it looks like around here in some places. You might imagine Iowa as all cornfields as far as the eye can see, and yes, we do have that. But here it's not all cornfields. There are lots of hills where I live. And nature. Lots of nature.

The good thing about these hills is that it's kind of hard to plant corn or other things on them. So we have lots of wild areas. Corn is good, but we don't need to cover everything with it. Maybe I'll show it to you in a future post if you'd like though.

There are lots of places where I can go to look out over the hills and see out to forever. Many of these places are reserved just for doing that. Sometimes a stop by the side of the road will get you a good view. And there are nature preserves for this as well.

In the picture above you can see in the far distance one area where the land flattens out for a bit. Beyond that is more hills. That's pretty far away. I'll have to get closer to those hills with my pictures one of these times.

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but a lot of that green color is the tops of trees. I've said that before in another post. You can stand higher than the treetops in lots of places around here. I keep saying it because the view is just so relaxing.

Enough of looking like a bad advertisement for the hills. There are other things around here. There are lots of animals, but I have to say I've only seen mostly birds and bison in this particular area. There are lots of deer, but they seem to like to gather mostly at the highway, at mostly the time of evening when they're hard to see while they run out in front of your vehicle.

I'm hoping that while being out here as often as I am that I'll begin to see more animals. So far it's beginning to work. They really do come out if they detect that you're at ease with your surroundings and they believe you mean them no harm. I'll show some of that next time. I'll talk to you later.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Bird On A Pole

I had a good day recently after a little rest. I had to rest my leg after injuring it while on a little bit of a shady adventure. I think that's all I'll say about that. Everything is fine now, and my leg is all healed up. Now I'm able to go out and see birds like this little one.

Usually when a bird notices me like this one did the bird immediately flies away. Luckily this one didn't seem to want to leave its pole any time soon. It just defiantly stood there looking at me. And I was able to get plenty of pictures. I'll share the best ones with you here.

I posted this top picture to Twitter the day I saw the bird, with quite a bit of success there. Sometimes I share my pictures on both places, here and there, and sometimes they're exclusive to one. Twitter can be good for quick updates when I'm doing a lot of fun things.

I believe this bird is called a Grasshopper Sparrow. I can't say I'm sure at all, but that was the only bird that seemed to match this one enough. All the rest just didn't look like my little friend here. The stripes on the head were really hard to find. I gave3 up my search a couple of times before I finally found the possible solution.

The Bing pictures search I did was very helpful this time. They are becoming more like a field guide as time goes on. They give you extra options to see more details on your bird, such as range and habitat. Google has done some similar things as well.

This last one was one of the first pictures I took before I zoomed in closer. It gives you a good look at the size of this little bird. I actually took a few dozen pictures of it. I don't think you want to see them all though. Taking so many is how you get one like that first one.

I have lots more pictures from that day of many different things. I was in grand adventure mode that day. I'm going to repeat it in different places in a day or two. Doing this every other day or so is going to give me some small adventures and some big ones. I'll try to share some of each if I can. I'll talk to you later.