Monday, June 26, 2017

My Wild Bison Sighting

I had a feeling I was going to see something good, so I planned a drive through Broken Kettle Grasslands. This is the place where the wild bison live. Most of the time you never see them, but I was feeling lucky today.

The pictures I have today aren't the best. I only had my phone with me. It doesn't have the powerful zoom that my big camera does. It still did okay though. You can at least see the bison. I'll take my big one with me next time.

This was actually the closest bison I've seen at this place. They're usually much farther away. What you see in the pictures here is how I saw it. The zoom on the phone did just enough to match the eye. I was actually close enough that this creature could hear me talk. It knew I was there.

You may be thinking that you've seen bison before already. But this is a different kind of sighting. This isn't an ordinary, everyday farm bison, which I've shown you before. This is a wild bison. Not many people can say they've seen one of these.

I saw many more good things this day. Some I'll share with you soon, and some that I just won't have time. So some things will unfortunately only ever be seen by me. I wish I had time to share everything. So many good everyday adventures make it all so fun though.

Anybody could do this. That's what I keep saying. But not anybody does it. I do. I wish everybody with the resources would try. These everyday adventures give me so much peace of mind. I always come away refreshed and ready for the world again. And ready for nature again. I'll talk to you later.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Walking Trails At The Park

I want to show you some cool walking trails today. These are located at my latest discovery Bacon Creek Park in Sioux City. You can get directions to this place from the bottom of this post. These trails are made for just about any type of person.

Parks like this with big concrete trails are places that welcome as many people as they can get. My aunt goes here quite often. I never knew this was the place she was telling me about until I discovered it myself.

I usually like places with fewer people, but I also like to mix things up a little bit too. Sometimes parks like these with lots of people have more wildlife for some reason. I have to say though that I've only seen a few geese so far. But I'm not finished exploring yet.

I only have two pictures of these trails because too many of the same thing can get monotonous. (Wait! I've added one more just for fun.) Big everyday trails like these sometimes tend to look the same in too many pictures.

This park isn't the only place to find this kind of trail around here. Sioux City is full of walking and biking trails. The whole place is made for walking and exploration. I read a few years ago that they might try a trail system like this at Detroit's riverfront, but I'm not sure if they were ever able to do it.

I was a few days later than I wanted to be with my post this time because my schedule changed kind of drastically on me. I'm sleeping at completely different hours. So it took some time to figure out exactly when to do my blogging. I think I'm starting to figure it out now.

And maybe my post of the pictures of this new park make it seem like I'm disappointed in this new park. That's not so at all. These big trails aren't all that's here. The big trails are just the beginning. I'll show you what else I found in a future post. It'll be fun. I'll talk to you later.