Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Birds From The Nature Park

I haven't been around for a little while simply because winter has given me nothing to post. Maybe I'm using it as an excuse, but it's been as cold as -18 Fahrenheit recently and that's usually a little colder than the temperature that I go out in. Before that we had another huge snowstorm that I've kind of been waiting for it to melt. It hasn't melted. I'll just have to put up with the snow, but I don't want to freeze to death just yet.

Now that the excuses are over I'll tell you about my bird pictures. Maybe you have guessed that these are not my bird feeders. These feeders, and the birds, are located in my new favorite nature park. They attract lots of birds. I was sure I'd see birds when I got here because of the feeders.

These nuthatches are known for their ability to walk upside down on whatever they're perched on. The pictures show that well. Nuthatches have always seemed to me like some of the friendliest birds. I've been able to get very close to them in the past.

My pictures may seem a little washed out. I had to brighten the pictures up because it was kind of difficult to see the birds. For some reason my camera hasn't been cooperating either. I may have set something wrong with it. I'll have to dig around in the settings to find out.

I love pictures like this last one. It may seem like a blurry mess, but what it really is is a nuthatch in flight. I love when I can capture a bird in flight. This isn't the best one I've gotten, but I still love it.

My pictures today weren't great, but they're my first bird pictures from a nature park in years, I think. That's kind of a big difference from when I used to get them every day. Maybe soon I can get back to at least every few days.

I'll be back with another post as soon as I can get back to the nature park. I'm hoping that will take only a few days or at least at the end of the week. Maybe my writing will get back on track a little by then. I like to write these posts even more than I like to take the pictures. Okay, that's enough. I'll talk to you later.

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Little Look At The Park

I think it may be good to give you a little peek at my new favorite nature park. I don't know why I let the hills here drive me away before. When I first hiked this park a few years ago I was immediately in love with it. I remember thinking how much it was like my old Michigan parks. Then I began looking for something different for some odd reason.

I found several other parks that I like just fine, but all of them are very different from my old favorites. I've been a little lost without the animal sightings I once had. I just haven't really been sure what to do these past few years without all that so I kind of withdrew a little bit from it all.

Now I feel as if my excitement for nature has returned. I'm actually wanting to go out hiking in the middle of winter again. You don't do that unless you really enjoy it. This park is part of the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, which is part of Stone State Park in Sioux City.

I decided to focus my first pictures on this one trail because it has this wonderful bridge on it. I've told you time and time again how much I love bridges, especially this kind. This isn't the only trail going into the park, but it does show you that there are lots of trees here.

You can also see the hills in the background of the pictures. You won't be able to see them when the leaves are back on the trees. I've been to the top of some of these hills, but it will take some time and effort for me to get back there.

The last time I was in this park I had my dog with me. She really loved this and all the other parks. But now unfortunately my poor dog has developed a bad case of arthritis. I've noticed her having a little trouble for awhile, but I thought maybe it was just because she had become a bit overweight.

She's not very old, but the vet told me it can be common for her age. I'm giving her medicine to try to help her recover a little bit. I'm hoping she can recover enough to come to the flatter parks with me once in a while. She seems like she's getting a little better already.

It may be kind of difficult to see in the picture above, but it gets kind of steep going up these stairs. Stairs like these cover half the trails here. I'll tell you what, if you want exercise then this is the hiking trail for you. I should be able to get back into good shape in no time if I keep going to this park.

There are flatter trails here too so I won't have too much trouble. I'll probably be sticking to those most of the time at first. Maybe I'll find some good new areas here while I'm exploring. I really haven't been through here enough to know about everything yet. That's a good thing. I'll talk to you later.