Monday, June 3, 2019

Scrappy Delilah

It's Scrappy Doo! I have no idea why the camera gave Delilah a big head and a tiny little body. She's actually a big dog now, not a deformed Scrappy dog. I'll have to share a better picture sometime soon to show what she looks like now. If I can catch up to her.

I took lots of pictures of Delilah and they all turned out like this. She looks like a weirdo. I figured I'd post what I have right now just because I'm bored. I have absolutely nothing to do. Everything is closed up around here because of all the flooding. It's supposed to last throughout the summer. I'll show some of it in my next post.

Meanwhile, there hasn't been anything new with Delilah, except for her growth into a big dog. She's much bigger now than you last saw her. This bottom picture gives a small preview of that. This is her in mid-attack.

Mostly what she does is run throughout the house, and she only slows down to attack and play. She'll pick up one of her toys and run at top speed from one end of the house to the other. And unlike Isabella, she likes to attack and play with my robot vacuum cleaner. She thinks that's a great game. She has figured out how to turn it on all by herself.

This post explains my lack of posting recently. There's just nothing of much interest from me. There aren't even any interesting weeds on my property. I've had them all chopped down. Maybe I should have posted that event. Hmm, maybe next time. I'll talk to you later.