Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bison And Birds And Some Other Things

I visited the bison on my most recent adventure. I wasn't prepared for all of the birds that were swarming around them though. There were so many I was worried that they'd be flying around me like that too.

The birds seemed perfectly comfortable flying around and landing on the bison, but they stayed far away from me while I was out there.

I have no idea why it is, but these pictures seem far more impressive at full size than they do here on the blog. Try clicking on them for some of that. The amount of the birds comes out a little better like that, but they're still not quite right. Even so, I'm glad I finally shared them.

I planned on having these pictures up for you sooner, maybe last week sometime, but my dog died. The poor thing had cancer in her joints. She has been crippled for the past few years. She could walk but it was difficult for her. The cancer finally caught up to her over the weekend and she just couldn't go on anymore.

I didn't realize how much my life revolved around taking care of her these past few years. I love dogs, and she was a good one. But a crippled animal takes a lot of care. She was a big dog so it made things a little harder. Now I'm trying to adjust to life without her.

A pet probably doesn't seem like such a big deal to most people, but I love animals a lot and a person doesn't realize how much the work sneaks up on you to have to take extra care of an animal that was in her situation. Now we'll see how things will be like without all of that.

But let's get back to something more positive. Even though winter is quickly approaching, I'm going to try to go on some far off adventures very soon. Well, maybe not too far off, but farther than I've been going. I've already got a trip planned for next week. We'll see if I can come up with some good stuff to share from that.

It's mainly a trip so I can follow some clues about my family's ancestry, but there are some good nature parks on the way. I recently found out there are English knights in my ancestry. I didn't even know I was English until recently. I'm mostly Irish and Northern European, but I already knew that. That's why I look very good in green.

I didn't mean to get away from talking about these bison this time, but they really weren't the most recent thing for me. But I'm glad to have been able to share them with you. I loved taking the pictures and I also loved the little editing I did to the pictures. Try a good picture editor sometime. You can really help the true look of your pictures come out if you get some experience with it. I use Adobe Lightroom for most of my stuff.

The bison seem like the main thing here, but the birds are something for everyone to watch for. Fall is a good time to watch birds. They'll be in big flocks wherever you go. Take a look for yourself. I'll talk to you later.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

A New Old Kind Of Adventure

There is a lack of big forests around here, but there is no lack of places like you see in my pictures today.

As you scroll through my pictures you'll see that this is a cemetery. This particular cemetery is a little more religious themed than many others. I wasn't raised as a religious person, but I like this idea for the cemetery. It gives me a feeling of peace and security.

There are many more interesting sights of this type in this cemetery, but I really liked these two places the most for this time. Maybe I'll show you some of the other places from here sometime if you like.

Not everybody likes to tour a cemetery like I do. I understand. Maybe I'm strange.

When I grew up in Detroit the only way to experience nature was at the cemetery. The big cemetery near us was the only large place with lots of trees, ponds, and other natural features. There were even ducks and some swans in the ponds most of the time.

That was the place where my uncle, the original Ratty, was buried. He died when I was a little kid.

This cemetery I'm sharing with you today is the location of where another of my uncles was buried. He died before I was born. He was only a kid. My mom thinks I look like him.

I thought this weeping angel was interesting. It seemed oddly out of place in this particular location for some reason. Don't blink if you're a Doctor Who fan.

(I know it may not be a perfect weeping angel, but it's close enough. Right?)

I get obsessed with my new business so much sometimes that I forget everything else. This is why I forgot to have a blog post last week. This new business is doing much better than I thought it would at this point, and it's keeping me very busy.

Even so, my nature adventures and this blog are what I do to stay relaxed. I'll do this as long as I am still me. I have lots to share from recent days so I'm going to try to maybe have a few extra posts here and there. We'll see if I can actually do it. Let's leave it at that, and I'll talk to you later!