Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hidden Horses

After yesterday's Horses post, I went back and looked at some of my older photos from Sumac Pointe, and I found some interesting things that I never saw before. I already had some pictures of horses.

I had these photos all this time and I never knew the horses were there. They were hidden horses. This is one of the good things about winter. I said this yesterday, but winter reveals the things that you never saw before.

If it weren't for my new winter photos of the horses, I would have never found the older ones. It's not easy to see the horses unless you click on the pictures, but they are in there. They were just hiding from us.

It's amazing that a creature so big could do such a good job of hiding right out in the open. I guess it can be done. A deer already did it to me too. That one was a good hider, but I already saw it before it hid. The horses hid from me without even trying.

Then, like I said before, winter came and revealed the horses. It has revealed so many things to me. After letting winter depress me a little bit this year, it has begun to reveal it's beauty to me now. These horses are just the beginning.

Here's another photo of those hidden horses. I was actually taking these particular pictures, because I liked the way the dock looked over across the water. It seemed like such a beautiful scene to me at the time. Now I realize that there was a hidden bonus behind the trees.

This is why I always say to take a closer look at the things around you. You never know what wonderful things you might find. You'll never see everything, and sometimes you'll notice them later. That's what happened to me.

I wonder what other things I've missed since I started really looking. It's going to be fun looking around for those missing things. The winter is now my friendly companion, and it will help me find the things I never found before. I can't wait to see the things my new friend is going to show me.

I had some older photos of horses, but they were the wrong end. I guess this is better than nothing. After realizing that I was letting the winter depress me, I feel like the wrong end of a horse. I'll be changing that feeling in a hurry, now that winter is my friend.

There are already new adventures waiting for me. I have some new ones waiting for you tomorrow too. I was just out again today, and I hope I have some great new stuff for you coming up. I'll be back here with some of it tomorrow.

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  1. I like the way you perceive things. The wonders are there to be explored...

  2. I found the horses! Probably because they are bigger than that squirrel I coudn't find in your other picture. LOL

  3. It's truly amazing how many beautiful sights you capture daily, and even more so how you appreciate everything you see.

    Off topic: I live in NC and it just starting snowing, which it rarely does. Yay!

  4. Rainfield - Thanks, you perceive things in a great way too. I'll be over at your blog next to see what great thing happens now.

    Karen - Squirrels like to hide and cause mischief, horses don't really care. I like helping the squirrels out every once in a while.:)

    Cortney - You should see some of the ugly sights I capture. Actually, the beautiful sights are all around us; all you have to do is look for them.

    Snow used to be a little rarer here too. This has been a very snowy winter for us. Have fun playing in your snow.:)