Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frozen Over

I've had a few games on this site in the last couple of weeks. They were both a good excuse for me to put links to some well deserving blogs up here. The latest game is still moving like a roller coaster through other blogs, and I'll still be participating, but that's enough of the games for this site right now. It's back to my everyday adventures for me.

Frozen LakeIt's amazing how very different things can look the same. This photo looks like one of my photos from behind my house, but it's definitely not one of those. Really, take a look at both. I left a few links in this post to see some of my recent backyard photos. The treeline is very similar, and there is a smooth coat of snow on the ground in front of both.

Wait a minute... Did I say ground? That's not exactly what I meant. There is a coating of snow in both places, but that is not ground under that snow in the top picture. What is under the snow in the top picture is ice. This top photo is actually a picture of Newburgh Lake.

This lake is frozen over so solidly that people have been walking on it. It's not something I would do, but anyone is free to make their own decisions. It should give you an idea of how thick this ice really is. This lake is usually flowing around quite fast. It is fed by one river right into another.

Before I went out there I didn't expect to see the lake frozen at all. I thought it would be fun to see it frozen, but I really didn't believe it would be, simply because there is a lot of water under that ice. With all of that snow it looks like a snowy field, not a lake at all.

My Frozen BackyardThe photo right above this sentence is from my backyard. I wasn't going to include it, but I wanted you to have a good comparison. It also looks like it could be a frozen lake right now. It's strange how winter weather can make two completely different things look so similar.

They will both only become more and more frozen over this week, because the temperature here will be getting colder than it has so far this winter. Just going outside will become a dangerous thing to do. In weather as cold as this, you could freeze to death in a very short time.

If I have to, I will go out and take pictures from inside my truck. I'm not going to let this cold weather stop me this time. I'm tired of staying inside and writing about being stir crazy. Those posts are sometimes fun for me, but I want out! Going out and seeing the lake made me remember how much fun I can have.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post, or I'll be a human ice cube out in the snow somewhere. Hopefully it'll be another post from me, and not one of a picture of a frozen me, done by someone else. Talk to you then.

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  1. It's a balmy 10 degrees here nearer the big Lake. I'm heading outside in just a few minutes. Nice comparison shots.

  2. We are frozen over here in Toronto too. Love your blog, stumbled it as qiman and left a review on linkreferral.

  3. Ha ha, how you will look as an ice man out in the snow? With your mouth wide open to shout for help at the moment you were freezing?

  4. Sharkbytes - I think you're braver than I am, but I'm determined not to let this cold weather stop me either this time.

    Jenai - If our cold weather keeps moving, you'll be getting even colder pretty soon. Thanks for the review and the stumble.

    Rainfield - They could use me as a statue outside city hall for the rest of the winter.:)

  5. What amazing pictures!!! I can only imagine living in it. Beautiful!!!

    Just looking at your profile and I see we have a lot in common. So you like the Xanth series? I don't come across too many people who know Piers Anthony's works. How cool!!!

  6. Patricia - Piers Anthony and Xanth are close to the very top of my list. I even read his blog updates every two months when they come out. I discovered him very many years ago. He is one of the people that influenced me to do this sight about nature.

  7. great pictures, you are right, i can not tell which one is the lake :) and i actually particularly like more the one in yiur backyard because of the humps that looks like snow hills :)

    i understand your wanting to be out, i too can not imagine myself being stuck indoors for a long time.

  8. Betchai - I never noticed the similarity until the lake was frozen.:) I like the backyard picture more too. I think when I took that one the day was a little brighter.

    I decided to go out no matter what happens, because I feel like that was enough of my complaining.:)