Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Nature Scenes

Whenever I go hiking, I take hundreds of photos. Most of them are never seen by anyone but me. Some of these photos are nature scenes that I just don't have a story for. Sometimes these are some of my favorites, but they fall by the wayside, because I don't have much to say about them. I have some here that I took recently, and I'd like to share them.

Winter SunThis first one is the closest I have been able to get to some of the beautiful sunset photos that I've seen on some of the blogs I visit. You can find some great ones like this on the links on my sidebar and by following some of the commenters here on the site.

I'm always very envious of their photos of sunsets, but I've never been in the right place at the right time to capture my own. I'm glad they're all able to do it for me. Mine isn't actually a real sunset. It's just the winter sun on a partly cloudy day. I still liked this scene very much.

Winter SceneThis is the bottom of the Scenic Overlook at Heritage Park. This area is all set up for sledding right now. I would have shown a photo of the slope, where people ride their sleds down, but I like this photo much more. When I took this picture most of the snow was melted, and the hill was unfit for sledding.

There were a couple of teenagers sitting at the top of the hill with a sled, looking very disappointed. I would have felt bad for them, but as I started walking down the trail, they began to laugh thinking they would get to see me fall on the ice. It will never happen, because I'm well equipped for this icy terrain.

Sumac PlantHere's a photo of some of the sumac plants I see in so many places I go. When I took this shot the sun was shining in my eyes, and there was more mist floating around right here. It gave this photo a great effect that I couldn't do again if I tried.

The plants themselves are a grayish brown color right now, just like most things this time of year. The fruit clusters are actually a deep red color, even this time of year. You can almost see it in the photo. I'll have to post some photos of these plants later in a warmer season.

Winter Sun SceneHere's another scene with a great sun and sky effect. I like the way the sun is blocked by that one cloud, but the sunshine seems to shape the other clouds. At the right in this photo is the hiking trail that I was getting ready to travel on.

Winter TrailThis last one is from a place deep in the forest. This hiking trail is snowy, but to the left you can see a patch where the snow is melting. There have been other hikers along this path, but not very many. I guess no one else wanted to go this far in this weather.

Okay, that's it for these photos today. I like being able to post these extras sometimes. In my opinion, they're very good photos. Most times I let photos like this stay on my computer for my eyes only. I want people to see them, but it's hard to say much about them. I'll either start posting this type of photo in this way when I have them, or I'll have to get a little better with my writing.

That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with something I hope is entertaining and thoughtful. Talk to you then...

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  1. That Sunset photo is amazing. You have such a creative eye for beauty. Thank you.

  2. Jodapoet - I was inspired by some other sunset photos I saw recently. Mine is a pale imitation of those.

  3. It was a great photos of scenery Ratty. If we missed to snap the time of that beautiful scene, sometimes we will never have a chance to see it again. Especially if we never have a chance to go to the same place again. But, you have such a good photos and thanks for sharing with us.

    As for myself, i don't have words to describe the photos that i put in my post and i just let it there wordless and let people think by themself. hehehe..i am still not a good writer..:)

  4. Kruel74 - Thanks. I have too many of them that no one sees.

    Rose - Thanks. I'm glad we have cameras so we can capture those places to help our memories. I sometimes think that if we don't get to go to a place again, it's because there is something better waiting for us somewhere else.

    Wordless photos are good, but the words sometimes make them great. Part of the reason I like your website is your writing. I have always thought you were a good writer. Every time I try to make wordless photos, I write something and ruin it.:)

  5. I like the misty one of the sumacs best, but the sunset is nice too... the sumac one is more unique

  6. Hundred of people will interpret wordless photo in hundred ways. It is so fun for people to explore differences that you have not known before.
    But your writing is indeed very good.

  7. wow, i love all your photos, especially that of the sumac plants and number 3. even without story to tell, but your pictures already essay wonderful story. like you, when i hike, i take hundreds of pictures too (it is my excuse to slow down sometimes, hehehehe) but a lot of them are only seen by me. unlike you though, i am not very good at sharing the stories behind, that's why i always enjoy your post, it makes me learn a lot too.

  8. Sharkbytes - I like both of those too. You're right about the sumac one being more unique. The sunset one was inspired by others.

    Rainfield61 - Maybe I'll try writing something unrelated to the photos some time.

    Betchai - You and many others seem to like the sumac photo. Actually, I posted it because of the suggestion of someone else. I like it too, so I'm glad so many others like it. Also, I use my camera to stop and rest too.:)