Monday, January 19, 2009


I've been looking for horses for a long time now. Since I live so close to the city, I almost never see horses. I get to see so many wild animals, because I live near a few nature parks. And there are so many wooded areas around me.

When I was a kid the police used to ride horses in downtown Detroit. There was always a crowd around the officer with the horse. It was such a fun thing to see for everyone. Those days are long gone now, and sadly missed.

The last time I was at my grandparents farm, my uncle found a horse to ride for everyone. We looked at them the day before, and they were kind of grumpy, so we left them to graze. The horses weren't used to being ridden, so my uncle told us to be careful around them.

I mentioned once before that my dad grew up on a farm, and he used to bring us farm animals to keep right in the city. I had a strange childhood sometimes. After I was grown, my dad had a horse, and it got loose.

One of my brothers saw on the news that there was a horse loose on the freeway. My dad lived very close to that freeway, so my brother called him and told him his horse was loose. There couldn't be any other horses around there. My dad ended up having to go and get it. Everything turned out okay, but he got rid of the horse.

From some of those memories, I always liked seeing horses and other farm animals. I don't want to own them. I just like seeing them, and only where they belong, like on a farm or other appropriate place.

Well, after going to Sumac Pointe a few times last summer, I noticed that there was a place nearby that had horses. It was right across the lake from some of the areas of the park. I thought I should go over and see if I could get a few photos of the horses.

I would drive by there sometimes and see that there were at least three horses out there. I was surprised to see them in a place like that. I wondered if my dad knew those people. They actually have proper stables there, so the horses are very comfortable.

This last time I was at the park, I went to an area that was close to the horses. I didn't know I would be able to see them from the park. I guess you can imagine my surprise when I looked across the frozen lake and saw them there.

The lack of leaves on the trees always reveals some wondrous things, like these horses. The other times I came here, I never saw the horses. I only knew they were there, because I saw them as I drove by their place on my way home.

This is a great example of why I tell people to stop and look at the things you never considered before. Maybe you see something interesting, but you think you don't have time to stop. Plan a time to do it one day. You might see something fun like these horses.

They may be only horses, but they are highly unusual where I saw them. My adventures are for every day. They're not meant to be the greatest event of your life. They're meant to make your day a little bit happier.

If you stop just once a day, it won't take that much time, and you'll feel better for it. If you become an Everyday Adventurer, you might just stay a little happier all the time. Wouldn't that be a great thing if everyone was a little happier?

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  1. A minute of exploration will bring excitement that make us happier. The only rule is that we must have the heart of Alice.
    I admire that you live near "a few" nature parks. How luxurious it is.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you also for reminding people that these magnificent animals belong only where there is the appropriate space for them to live happy lives.
    Your photos were wonderful.

  3. I have a friend who likes winter best because with the leaves off the trees she can see the topography of the land better. It does reveal interesting things!

  4. Glad to know you still recommend horsing around. (*groan*) I agree, we all need to slow down and really look at things and savor them. Thanks for sharing your photos....I have only been on a horse once in my life. It scared me, but they are wonderful, intelligent animals!

  5. Rainfield - Some of these nature parks are close to me , and some are further away. Some of them are on my way when I'm driving every day.

    Mountain Woman - No one should ever keep an animal in the wrong place. When my dad brought animals into the city, he always made sure there was plenty of space for them. He seems to be able to bring the country with him wherever he goes.

    Sharkbytes - That's a good point. I've been saying the same thing, but I guess I haven't been thinking it very strongly. Now I think I will.

    The Retired One - I always try to recommend horsing around. Stopping to really look at things is what made me begin to really enjoy my home state. I'm glad I did. I don't really like riding horses that much either, just looking at them. Cars are so much easier to steer.:)

  6. Hmmm, this is my 2nd try, the first one, what I typed disappeared when I hit the comment :( Anyway, just would like to say that like you I also love looking at horses but do not wish to own some, I get excited when I see people riding horses in the trail, but do not really envy them, just for photo-taking :). You have cool pictures, the way you just said, making winter look really cool, and I agree! I believe I told my friend before that one of the delight of winter is being able to see what is at the other side of the trees.

  7. Betchai - Things like that have happened to me a few times before. I'm glad you noticed though, there were a few times that I didn't until later.

    I grew up as a city kid with a country dad, so I've had enough of owning anything but something like a dog.

    I think I let the winter depress me a little bit this time for some reason, so now I'm on a mission to make it fun. It's already happening for me. Next year I'll know exactly what to do.:)

  8. I like horses but i only have a chance riding it a few years back and i still want to try to ride it again. It is not easy to find horses in the place i live. You have a nice shot of those horses photos.

  9. Horse ownership is a substantial responsibility. Thanks for pointing out that horses require room to room and proper care to thrive.

  10. Rose - If you ever find another horse, take pictures. Horses like to eat cubes of sugar too. If you have some, the horse will be your best friend. I'll try to get some better shots of the horses when our weather gets warmer.

    Marlene - Your welcome. I only know the basics on how to take care of a horse, but I would always recommend keeping them on a farm or a similar place.