Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Hidden Deer

There is something amazing in this photo! It's hidden very well, and that's the way it was intended to be. Don't worry I will reveal what it is, and where it is. I could have made another game from it like I did with Find The Squirrel, but this one has a story to tell.

As I was walking along a nature trail on my latest hiking trip, I was quietly enjoying nature. Suddenly I saw something moving off to my right. I turned in that direction, and saw two deer come bounding over a hill. They were running right towards me!

I could tell just by looking at them that they had been having a good time enjoying nature just as I was. I thought they might run right into me if they kept coming. As they came down the hill, they finally noticed me. That changed their mood, and their direction.

One of them ran off to the right as soon as it saw me. The other stopped and stared at me as if it was frozen with momentary fear. It was just on the other side of these tall plants. It was trying to get a look at me, and hide at the same time. I lifted my camera as soon as I could. I took two photos. One that was not so good, and then the one you see at the top.

I actually thought the first one would be the good one, but the second one was the photo that turned out okay. Right after I took the second shot, the deer turned to my right and ran off after the other deer. It was gone, but it left me with a wonderful feeling.

Even though they didn't get quite close to me, it was very exciting to see the deer come running over that hill right towards me. It's the first time I ever saw deer running without fear. They actually looked happy. What a great experience!

As you can see by the photo, the deer did a good job of hiding from me, but you can still see it's face if you look closely. It's about one third of the way from the top, and right in the middle. I put a red circle around it so you can see more clearly. You can actually see most of it's body if you look closely.

This all happened very quickly. The whole encounter with these deer only lasted maybe ten or twenty seconds, but it seemed as if time came to a standstill. It's now just a great memory. I hope to have more like this some day. Check back here every day to see if something even better happens.

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  1. The thing happened in a second. But the memory is forever.
    As long as we safe saved it, it will be kept until we are old.

    So good to have many animals around your trekking trails.

  2. If only mine were so shy. They come right up in the back yard and eat their way through my flowers. They look up if the dog barks, but only move if she runs. HA

  3. we used to have a ton of deer that roamed in our commons area but i haven't seen any lately. or maybe...they've just been hiding from me?! my favorite animals!!

  4. i love deers too. like you the memories of encountering them in a trail always do jump up my excitement. it was indeed a great joy to watch them running freely, i love that. i hope you get to have a lot more exciting experiences soon.

  5. Rainfield61 - That deer is now immortal.:)

    Sharkbytes - That's something! And I thought the deer around here were tame...

    During the spring here, the geese come back and behave much worse than even that. I'd be afraid to let a dog out with them.

    Melissa - I haven't seen any deer in my backyard recently either. Only at the parks. They're also some of my favorites.

    Betchai - It would be great to see more running deer. Another thing I want to get a shot of is a skunk, but from far away. We have plenty of those around here, but I haven't seen any recently. If I had an encounter with one of those, then I'd have an exciting story to tell.:)

  6. I consider you damn lucky to be able to take such trips in the wilds.....

    How I wish I could join you too... :(

    Thanks for sharing...mate

  7. RightMan - You can join me! All it takes is a step outside. Walk out your front door and look around. That's really all there is to it. I really don't go very far, I don't have enough time. Thanks for commenting.