Monday, September 29, 2008

My Close Encounter With A Deer

With all the people in the park, I was sure I wouldn't see any deer today... Or would I?

As I got into the trees in the back of the park, I went around a bend, and there was a huge commotion up ahead. Something huge went crashing through the trees in front of me. I didn't see it, but I heard the loud rustling crash, and I saw the trees shaking. Whatever did this was bigger than me.

I was hoping it wasn't some kind of predator or bigfoot or something. Really I knew it could only be one thing. I knew it was a deer. I couldn't believe it. Right after I just got through talking about them. This was where the two older people had just come from. How was it that a deer would be here now?

Now the only thing I had to do was find it. I wasn't sure I would even see it. The fact was, I had no idea which way it went. I decided to keep going, because it must be long gone. I decided to still look through the trees just in case.

As I was scanning the forest, I saw something strange just to my right. There it was! It was a deer, hiding in the forest, maybe only ten feet away from me. I saw it before it saw me. It thought it was well hidden in the trees, but I was the one hidden from it.

I started taking pictures immediately.That's when it heard me. Well, it was actually the sound of the camera it heard. I think digital cameras only make those sounds, so you know you got a picture. I wonder if mine has a setting to make it silent.

As soon as it heard me, it turned it's head and looked right at me. I thought I wouldn't get any more pictures now that it knew I was so close. But it didn't run away. I think it was trying to decide if it should go. It maybe thought I couldn't get to it very quickly, and it was probably right. Maybe it just wasn't sure what to do.

The more we stared at each other, the more nervous it started to get. It started to tense up as if were getting ready to turn and run, so I slowly lowered myself to my knees, so I would be closer to the ground.

That seemed to do the trick. I thought if I looked smaller, it might ease it's fear. It worked, but as you can see from the picture above, it was still keeping a close eye on me. I decide to keep as still as possible, and I continued to take my pictures.

After a few more seconds it decided I wasn't a threat, and it started to nibble at some food it found there on the ground. It was still alert to my presence, but it figured I wasn't coming for it. It's movements now were more leasurely and relaxed.

I was now able to take as many pictures as I wanted. I got plenty more than you see here, but I only have so much space for pictures here. If you want to see more, maybe you could go find a deer yourself. You'd have a pretty good time. I know I have.

After a little bit, the deer saw something tasty on the side of a tree a little further away, and it wandered over to investigate. It got over there and started munching away. The camera view wasn't as good for me anymore, so I decided to get up and move on my way.

I saw more fun and exciting things that day, but I'll leave them up to your imagination. It's now time to move on to a new everyday adventure. In the meantime, go out and have your own exciting journey. When you come back, leave me a nice comment.

Until next time. I'm The Everyday Adventurer. Up up and away! (Yes, I can fly.)


  1. It's pretty cool to get that close to a deer. You caught that one flat footed :)Glad you had the sense to stay still so you could get those photos.

    All I managed to get close to today was a caterpillar and next Thursday's dinner.

  2. It's easy to get close to a deer where I live. There may be more deer than caterpillars here.

    Unfortunately, the amount of deer is becoming a problem, and the authorities are beginning to get involved.

  3. Thanks for visiting my site and adding a link to your site, it is always nice to meet a fellow michigander : ) We are not far away either, I actually work up in farmington hills now!

  4. Thanks for returning the visit, 1Green Thumb:)

    Since you work in Farmington Hills, you may know about the wonderful nature parks in the area. They're worth several visits.