Monday, September 22, 2008

Flood Rains

Here's what I originally intended to talk about after I got back from Sumac Pointe. Everything else from that day seemed to sidetrack me. The results of the flooding we had from the rain over that weekend interested me, and I wanted to say something about it and show these pictures.

The rain kept me indoors for much of the weekend, and I wanted desperately to go out. If only my camera was waterproof. I even went over to Heritage Park to get a picture of the pond with the rain falling on it, but unfortunately the place was closed up tight. I guess they didn't want some lunatic out there wandering around in the rain. That's exactly what I probably would have done. As I remember, I complained all the way home.

When the rain was over, I wanted to document the flooding at least a little. That's when I remembered the existence of Sumac Pointe and the Lake.

After I got past most of the geese, I started taking pictures of the water. You can see where this picnic table now rested. I'm not sure whether it washed into the lake, or the lake got big enough to halfway swallow it up. There were scenes like this all along the shoreline. All the picnic tables in the park were now half sunk in the lake.

Come to think about it, the whole waterway this lake belongs to, floods a lot in places, even after a small rain. Usually they have to close the road down for miles. It's all part of a bigger network of parks out here known as Hines Drive. There are signs posted around that let people know this is a natural flood plain. So it's never unexpected. It's part of the beauty of the area.

Like I said, it's never unexpected. But what was unexpected by me, was that the rain and flooding would bring out so many animals. I couldn't help but show them here. The best part is that I'm not finished!

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