Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Met Me At Sumac Pointe

What do you think the first thing I saw was, when I got to Sumac Pointe? That's right, it was these Geese! They saw me as soon as I saw them. I figured I should walk slowly so as not to alarm them. No need.

As I walked towards the opening in the fence, they came running towards me like I was an old friend. I never expected that. I thought I would be lucky to get a few good pictures. Ha, wrong again.

As I went through the gateway in the fence, the geese came to meet me. They stopped and posed for as many pictures as I wanted. I guess they wanted a treat or something, but I didn't have anything to eat. It didn't matter, they still hung around me. They probably liked me so much, because I'm such a wonderful person. Yeah, that's why.

This is how close you can get to a goose if you're an everyday adventurer. I could have reached out and touched the one in the front. He would've only bitten me twice. Actually, they all were acting pretty friendly. They seemed more used to this than I was.

What happened next? Tune in next time, for more of this thrilling adventure!

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