Friday, September 5, 2008

The Pods Are Multiplying

Oh no! The evil pods from outer space are multiplying! From each of these pods, a little three inch tall jerk is going to hatch and annoy everyone forever. If they survive for awhile they will grow to actual human size and become big jerks. These plants have existed for as long as humans, and out of each pod comes an evil jerk.

You doubt me? I know you've seen them! They are the ones driving behind you and honking their horns. They are the ones talking loudly in movie theaters. They are the supposed people you see that are just generally obnoxious.

If they're not stopped, their supreme leader will hatch, and they will become unstoppable. That is the one that will destroy us all!

I'm not crazy... Listen to meeee!


  1. Too late! I've hatched and am driving to your favorite theater now.

    The only escape from your new Overlord is to find a pod to hide in.

  2. Oh no! We're all doomed!

    That's what I'll be yelling in the theater when I'm assimilated.

  3. I'm going to a different theater!


  4. You can't escape the one true pod overlord now that he's loose!