Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deer In The Forest

Well, it's been a few very eventful days for me. There are some more things from these last few days that I want to show you, but first I have to get back to my journey with Alice. I promised to show the rest of my adventure with Alice several days ago, but as you saw, there have been some rather distracting events recently. Now let's go back and find out what was at the end of that long winding deer trail we found.

After traveling along that twisting path for a very long time, we finally found the end. You can see it in the very back of this top picture. The path was blocked by several fallen trees that had been stacked up right in the middle of the path. There didn't seem to be a clear trail on the other side.

I decided right then that it was a good idea to turn back. I didn't want to get lost in front of a little kid. That would have been terribly embarrassing. Besides, when you have a child along with you, you do everything to keep that child safe. So we turned around and began to head back for the official park trail.

After a just a short distance, I saw something move a little ways off to my left. I told Alice to stop and be very quiet, we might get to see something special. I wasn't sure what it was that I saw yet, because the trees were blocking a clear view in that direction. So we stayed very still and waited quietly.

After several more seconds, the movement began again. It was a deer! It wasn't easy to see it through the trees, but we could see it well enough. After watching for a few more seconds, I could tell that it wanted no part of us. It began to move very quickly back towards the way we had just come from.

As it's pace quickened, we saw that it wasn't alone. There was perhaps the biggest herd of deer I have seen yet. It must have been six or seven of them. I tried my best, but I couldn't get any clear photos of more than one at a time. The forest was too thick, and the deer were far enough away to keep hidden from us very well. I was lucky to get the few shots that I did.

We watched as the deer made their way quickly away from us. They were doing a very good job of hiding behind the trees from us. As soon as one would show itself, another would disappear. I was taking as many pictures as I could, but the deer were almost gone! I did get something very unique though.

This deer in the picture above was the last one in the long line. I kept noticing that each one would stop in this exact spot. This one stopped for long enough for me to get a few pictures just like this one. I wondered what was going on. Why was this deer stopped for so long?

I noticed that it was standing in a very strange way. Then I realized just what was happening. I didn't tell Alice this, but the deer was doing what you would call, answering the call of nature. That's why each one would stop in the same place! Some might find it a little disgusting, but it is a very interesting photo, and a very unique one. I'll bet you never thought you'd see a picture like that!

It finished up and moved along with the rest, and they were quickly moving away from us. We watched as they moved further away. I tried to get a few more pictures, but didn't have very much luck. I wish I could have gotten some better photos for you. There was one thing in particular that I wanted to show everyone.

As the deer snuck away from us on the other side of this thick group of trees, I saw something special. Toward the end of this group, there was a little baby deer. I tried to get a picture of it, but it quickly disappeared behind the trees. I told Alice about it, but she didn't see it either.

Eventually the deer were too far away to get even anymore bad photos, so we returned to our task of getting back on the main hiking trail. As we made our way back, Alice was excitedly telling me that it was the first time she had ever seen any deer. I told her that they come to my backyard quite often, but this was a very special sighting.

We knew we just had another very special adventure on a day of magic in Alice's Wonderland. There were a lot of things that happened that day, and we were not finished yet. Very soon, I hope to show you the greatest adventure from that day. I will talk to you then, but with maybe a few distractions in between.

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  1. Finally Alice is back. I can always read things well with the guidance of little kid.

  2. Rainfield61 - When Alice is around, magic seems to happen. There's even greater things from that day coming up.

  3. Well, at least someone has seen some deer recently! I was out in the woods all last weekend, and nary a doe popped her head up.

  4. Its really is Alice in Wonderland...

  5. My girlfriend didn't believe me last time I saw a deer. The fact I'd seen it in town made her suspicious, but when I told her it swam across the river she completely refused to believe!

    It's a shame I didn't have my camera with me.

  6. We have Sambar Deer here in Borneo. I have a chance to saw a few during our night survey in the plantations. For the first sighting, i was very excited because it was an adult male Sambar Deer with it's antler. It was so huge and we imagine of deer meat barbecue..:..just kidding!

  7. Steve - I was surprised to see those deer too. I haven't seen any others recently either.

    Kruel74 - I think it really is too. Alice seems to bring magic with her.

    John - I see deer in town all the time here. Our urban areas have grown too fast for the deer to get away. Now they had to adapt. A photo of a swimming deer would be a great sight!

    Rose - I don't think I've seen a male deer yet. Maybe I need to go out at night.:) A deer with antlers would be a good photo. A deer meat barbecue sounds good. Now I'm hungry. ;)