Friday, December 5, 2008

What Alice Found There

Well, here I am, back from that icy diversion from yesterday. I wanted to return to the ice before I showed you the next stop on my little journey into Wonderland with Alice. Now that it's done, here we are, back on the trail.

As I told you a few days ago, since Alice doesn't get to come out here with me very often, I told her she could choose the path we would go down. When we got past the area with the little squirrel, we entered the trail, and we were truly on our way. After just a short time, we ended up on a path with some very thick forest on both sides of us.

Since I've been down this path plenty of times before, I very much knew what to expect. All the other times I had been here, this particular path had quite a few birds flying around, and hiding in the trees and bushes. I wouldn't be disappointed this time either. As soon as we got to the beginning of this path, we began to hear the chirping of a lot of birds.

Just a little way along the path, Alice began pointing excitedly into the bushes, and told me there were a bunch of birds in there. I looked and saw them. They were climbing through the thick branches, and hopping along the ground. As soon as I lifted the camera to get a picture, they all fled in every direction.

As you can imagine, I was disappointed again. I thought even Alice's magic couldn't help with my frustration with getting photos of birds. As we walked on, a few birds flew across the trail. I wasn't even quick enough to lift the camera. I explained to Alice that it was a very difficult thing to get a photo of a bird, no matter where it was.

It was just after I got through with my depressing speech, when she quietly whispered that there was a bird up in one of the trees. She knew that any noise might disturb it, and it would fly away. After telling her to move very slowly, I raised my camera to try and get a shot of this one, and it stayed right where it was.

I couldn't believe it, the magic worked again! As I looked through the viewer, I saw that it was robin. I've had just a little bit of luck with these before. I then realized that these trees were the same kind that I've seen them in at other times. I began to realize that I've seen other photos of robins in these same type of trees. Obviously they like these trees.

I got several pictures of this robin before it flew off. I realized that I was having a pretty good day with my camera. I had gotten a few good pictures of the pond. I had seen that squirrel again. And now, I had several good pictures of a robin. I didn't know that this was just the beginning.

After the bird was gone, I noticed that we had moved to the side trail that you see in the top photo of this post. I told Alice that we should get back on the main path. As we were turning back, I saw another robin flying to a very high tree branch. It stopped and perched there.

This time I get to take full credit for it. It was the first thing that Alice hadn't seen before I did that day. I win! I win! Yay! I beat a little kid! Well, I was only thinking that a little bit. I didn't do anything mean like point in her face and laugh, or anything like that. All I did was take more pictures. They're good pictures. And this last one is one of them.

We saw a few more birds that day, and got more pictures of them. If anyone wants to see more, I'll make a new post with them. Some of them are even better than these two. This place was really full of birds. I'm glad none of them decided to fly over, and drop any presents on us. Alice's magic was working overtime. I guess she really missed getting to go out hiking and seeing nature.

I'll be back tomorrow, with more of this journey into Wonderland with my little friend Alice.

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  1. Seems to be Alice is the best companion that you have to do the nature observation. It was good for her to love and care for nature when she is still young. Keep searching for new adventure with you little friend Alice...:)

  2. I can see Alice from the eyes of the bird.

  3. I think you're right, Rose. I like having Alice along. I wish more kids would go out and see nature. It's fun watching a little kid discover new things about nature.:)

    She must look very small from way up there, Rainfield61.;)

  4. Hi Ratty- Thanks for the links! Can't find a way to contact you off blog. It's not always about the outdoors, but you might also enjoy Sharkbytes

    I'm impressed with your ability to keep finding new experiences. Keep it up!

  5. My site isn't always about the outdoors either, Sharkbytes. I look for adventure wherever I can find it. I've done things about some good indoor places on here too. I'll probably do a few more during the winter.

    I like the link you sent, you have another good site. I've had a little trouble finding good sites from around Michigan. Both of your sites go along with mine very well.

    Thanks. Finding good new experiences isn't always easy. My site is what I use to drive me to do it.

  6. Hi Ratty, fantastic photos of the robin. I find it virtually impossible to take photos of birds, apart from seagulls and pigeons which don't seem to bother flying off.

  7. Thanks, John. I usually find it almost impossible too, but now that the leaves are gone from the trees, it's much easier. Besides, I've been on a completely insane mission to get better at taking bird photos. These elusive birds have been making crazy.:)