Saturday, November 22, 2008

Runaway Ducks

I was visiting my favorite pond, and I saw that there were more ducks swimming there. Of course I decided that I had to take a few pictures. I must have about two dozen photos of these ducks. On my way there I took several, and on my way back I got even more.

This pond is near the back of Woodland Hills Nature Park. I pass by it every time I go to the far back of the park. It's one of the best sights to see when I'm hiking anywhere. I always get to see it twice, because I come back past it on my way back to the front. I've featured it on several of my posts now.

I love animals, and I love to see wild animals on my everyday adventures. If I get a chance I will get pictures of them, so all of you can see them too. Sharing is a wonderful thing. Whenever I see ducks I get pictures. I've been lucky to see them in some of my favorite places.

I think ducks are some of my favorite animals. Ever since I was a kid I've always liked them. I like the way they look for some reason. Their duck bill is a memorable thing. Any other animal with a beak that is shaped like this is compared to a duck. The quack sound that a duck makes is just a delight to hear. These in my pictures were very talkative today. I loved it!

When I was a kid, I always thought of the snowy white ducks, like the cartoon character Donald. I always saw Daffy, but I never considered the darker ducks for some reason. That's weird. I always thought Daffy was funnier than Donald, but I liked Donald's voice better. I guess most people did.

But real ducks were always white to me, until I saw a commercial on TV that introduced Mallard Ducks. It was a public service message to show that even though something can look different, those differences weren't a bad thing. Ducks were still ducks. Now I knew about mallards. I'm glad because that seems to be the kind of duck we have here in Michigan.

When I was out here today taking these pictures, I began to notice something though. These ducks were always on the other side of the pond from me. I kept thinking that my timing must be off. It was a curious thing, but I really wanted to get a few closer shots of these beautiful ducks. So I moved very quickly to the side of the pond where last I saw them.

It was then that I realized what was happening. These ducks were running from me! I guess "swimming from me" would be more like it. Every time they knew that I was near, they would quickly swim away! I began to wonder what it was that I did wrong. Ducks usually were pretty friendly around me.

I've even had ducks swim over to me and beg for food. I have pictures of it, but those were some more that have been lost to the past, because I had more things to post here. Maybe I'll put some of those up one day when it's too cold outside for me. I'm not sure. I really like to keep things current.

Anyway, these ducks didn't like me at all today. I decided to test this, so I moved over to another part of the pond, and they did exactly the same thing. I was starting to kind of feel bad. I'm not a bad person. Why didn't the ducks understand that? I loved these ducks, but they didn't love me back! Waah! Come back duckies! I love you!

Just kidding. Each of the photos I have here show that these ducks were running from me. They're taken from different parts of the pond. I got even more pictures. Some of them were better than these, but I wanted to show them from the different places. Every time I got close, they would flee. I guess they wanted some privacy today. So I decided I would leave them in peace, and move along to my next adventure.

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  1. If you ran the photos backward, it would look like the ducks were coming your way.

  2. I tried that. The ducks got really mad at me, because they didn't like where the water was going. ;)

  3. You were a papparazi (duckarazzi?). That's why they ran...

  4. I like to see ducks too when I'm out hiking, too bad they usually do the same for me.

    I did get a few good shots this year.

    - Evan

  5. That must be it, Kruel! Now I'm glad one of them didn't run back and try to break my camera. :)

    I saw the duck photo you had on your blog, Evan. It was great!

  6. I think they were running away because they thought you were stalking them, Ratty! Now that it's winter, big predators like feral dogs, wolves, foxes, and coyotes are probably thinking a duck dinner would be mighty tasty, and the ducks have probably become more skittish as predator options dwindle and foliage dies back so they're more conspicuous. With you following them around the pond, they probably thought you were one funny-looking wolf! I wish I had a pond so I could keep ducks here!

  7. I think the runaway ducks were from wilder areas and not the usual residents that have gotten used to people and handouts. Either that or you looked too much like Elmer J. Fudd.

  8. We've actually had fox and coyote sightings around here, our friend Ben. I saw a fox in my backyard once. I do look a little bit like a wolf sometimes.

    That's probably right, WiseAcre. It's right in the middle of migrating season. And there are quite a few Elmers running around here this time of year.

  9. I tried twice to post comments on this post today and i failed because there was internet connection interruption. So this is the 3rd try.

    I only have a chance to observed wild ducks once and the rest is only domesticated ducks. So, you are lucky that you can have a chance to observed this Mallard ducks even though they ran away when you try to get close to them. That's good because that's means they are wild animals. If they are very tame and so friendly with you, they are not wild animals. :)

  10. I had problems trying to post some comments too, Rose. Maybe it's the same problem.

    I lived in the middle of the city when I was a kid, so I never got to see any wild animals then. I'm glad I found a place to live where there are a lot of animals. It was kind of funny when they would run away from me. I kept running to a different place so I could get close to them, and they would run away again. :)

  11. So u are lucky then to find a peaceful and for sure close to nature to live. I come from a small village and used to spent lots of time in the jungle with my mum (looking for fish and rattan) so now i still choose to work close to the nature. I just love to be there..:) The run away duck is a good experienced for you. It's fun right, even though you get frustrating because u can't get the good photos of them. It is always great to have a chance to observed what they are doing. Just enjoy the moment!

  12. Where I live is still mostly city, Rose. But I did get lucky and find a place where they try to keep as much nature as they can. Even though I grew up in the city, my parents are from the country. So I never felt very good living in the city, and I always wanted to be somewhere with more nature. You must have had a lot of fun in your village. :) I really did have a lot of fun with the ducks. Even though they were running away, I was having fun chasing them. Really I thought it was pretty funny, because they ran away even when I was all the way on the other side of the pond.