Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lost In Time

I said a few days ago that in the past some of the good things I see out in nature are never put here, because I don't have a big story to go along with it. Sometimes as the days go by, I move forward to another everyday adventure and certain things get lost in the past. These pictures from the far side of the pond almost became one of those things.

I wanted to put these pictures up yesterday, but I try to limit the number of pictures I put up in each post. Even though I hope to do this for a very long time, I have limited space for these pictures. So I'm trying to make it last for a while. I actually have quite a bit left, but I don't want to push it. It's best to plan for the future.

Anyway, I found these ducks swimming around at the far side of the pond. I guess I gave a review yesterday, but there were other things to talk about then. When I was on the official trail and looking at the near side of the pond, I was a little disappointed to see no ducks swimming there.

It was here at the far side that I found them, of course. Before I got here I had no idea what I would find. I always like seeing ducks or geese anywhere I find them. I've seen them in several places, and I have some excellent duck photos that have so far been lost to the past. They're some of my best pictures. I really intended to put them here. But that was right before the visible changes of the fall happened, and I like to keep this blog up with time.

Here's a picture of a male and female duck swimming together. The male is the one with the green head. I really liked this picture, and I wanted to make sure others got to see it. I've been trying to get some of the things like this on here before it's too late. I've actually been out a few more times since then, and something good will unfortunately have to be forgotten.

I always feel bad when I have to skip a few things here and there, but actually it might be a good thing. It means that I'm doing a lot of things, and that's always been what I really wanted. I feel like this has been filling my time with the things that I enjoy.

And even though I make it look like I'm all alone out here, I actually meet a lot of different people along the way. When people are on these trails they tend to be quite a bit more friendly for some reason. It's almost like being in a small town.

If you ever notice, people in a city always rush by you when you see them. It's like they want nothing to do with you. In a small town you are almost always greeted when you walk by. Everybody is friendly. It's like that out here. Maybe it's the fact that people feel like they have a little more space. It must make them happier. You could be happier too.

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  1. Wonderful post, and you are right about small town atmosphere. I just keep saying to myself when I pass people who do not have time to even smile; I think slow down, slow down...

  2. Thanks A.J. My mom used to tell me about the small town atmosphere thing when I was a kid. I never gave it much thought, until I was a teenager and started to notice it for myself. Friendly people really make a difference.

  3. Absolutely love the ducks. The vividness of your photos is outstanding. Great photos. I love your blog. And, thanks for commenting on mine.

  4. Thanks Jodapoet, I've been a little worried about my photos quality lately. I like to comment on the best blogs.

  5. Really love the pictures and your comment on the small town friendliness compare to big town

  6. Thanks Kruel, I appreciate the comment.