Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ducks On The Trail

Here's another one from one of my earlier everyday adventures. I took about two dozen pictures of these ducks, and unfortunately these are probably the best ones. I was just really learning to use the zoom on my camera and it didn't go well. But I don't care. This was a great adventure, so I have to show it.

I was walking along the trail, not expecting to see much. I got to the intersection, and there to the right were about half a dozen ducks. I never thought I'd see ducks in this spot! They were having a good old time. They were playing, running back and forth on the trail; and there seemed to be something really tasty on the ground. They were scooping the stuff up left and right. They didn't even care that I was there.

I was, of course, ready with my new camera. I started happily taking pictures. I noticed the lighting was really bad, but up until now, the pictures all came out good. It was really dark here, but through the trees there were very bright shafts of light. I was having a little trouble seeing the ducks with my eyes.

I decided not to move too close, because I didn't want to scare them. I had to zoom in all the way with the camera. That was my mistake. I know now I could've gotten closer; and with that lighting, the zoom wouldn't focus very well.

I got my fill of pictures, but the ducks hadn't had their fill yet. They were still there, oblivious to me, but I figured it was time to leave. I politely turned left so as not to disturb them, and walked up the trail and away from the ducks. Just around the next corner came a man and two little boys, so I know I finished just in time. I was happy. I couldn't wait to get home to see my pictures!

When I got home, I was kind of disappointed when I saw the pictures. Most of them were kind of blurry and fuzzy. I then realized the different things I should have done. It was a good learning experience.

In the end, the picture quality didn't matter now, because I was still happy. I got to see ducks closer than ever before, and in a completely unexpected place. This was a wonderful everyday adventure.

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