Sunday, December 7, 2008

Off The Beaten Path

After seeing that beaver in the water, Alice and I wanted to find some more exciting things. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. We had already seen so many new things that day, so I thought it just might be over. I figured I was going to have to make up something for little Alice. She doesn't get to go to places like this very often, so I wanted her to have a good time.

As we passed by a very small side trail, I saw that it was one of many with a sign that warned that it wasn't a recognized park trail. I had only planned on following the standard trails here and going back home. These trails with signs like this could be a little more treacherous than a child could handle. So of course I asked Alice if she wanted to go on this dangerous and scary trail.

Alice definitely wanted to go. She wanted to see more fun things, and she completely trusts me. She knows that I would never let anything bad happen to her. If the trail got too hard for her to travel, we would immediately turn back. It's always important if you have children on these hiking trails with you, to be prepared to protect and save them from anything. You never know what danger you might run into.

The reason they put these signs on some of these trails, was that they weren't man made. Some of these are deer trails. These trails go places that most people who hike around here simply aren't prepared for. The normal trails are for mostly sight seeing. These deer trails go up and down very steep hills, and you can find yourself beside a very long drop on one of them. The danger is very real.

Luckily, we were finding out that the ground here was pretty flat. The only problem was that the trail was getting very to see. Anyone who isn't prepared might get turned around out here, and lost for a while. Eventually, most people would find their way out, as this place isn't far from civilization, but it could end up being an unpleasant experience nonetheless.

As we walked deeper into the wilderness on this lonely little trail, it became harder and harder to navigate. The trees and vines were closer together the further we walked. I had never been on this particular trail before, so I didn't know where it would end. I kept telling Alice that we might have to turn back, but she wasn't a bit worried. She knew she had her protector with her.

We went on and on like this for a while. This trail was actually in the very back of the park, and was taking us around the outside of the big official trail back there. I figured it had to end somewhere, but I just didn't know where. But my sense of adventure had been stirred up, and I wanted to see the end. Just then, off to the right, Alice saw a giant monster in the forest.

I looked over and saw that it was only a tree. I have to admit that it does look like it could reach out and grab you. It looks almost like a giant forest squid or something. It's long tentacles waving around, searching for prey to grab up and deposit into it's gaping maw. Could you imagine if that thing really existed out here in the forest?

Nobody would be safe from the giant forest kraken! Think of the sound of it's thundering footsteps. Or it's hideous deafening roar. It could knock down any tree in it's path, and leave a huge wake of destruction behind it. That would be something for a small party of hunters to think about. Remember that when you're on a quiet little deer path, looking for a little animal to kill, hunters. The giant forest kraken could be waiting for you. The hunter becomes the hunted.

Just kidding. I don't want any hunters telling me that I'm picking on them. Besides, hunting isn't allowed in this park. I really don't care what other people do. I have no opinion on the subject of hunting, and I don't want one. This is just a fun little story that has taken a strange direction, that's all. It happens sometimes when I'm up way too late.

You know what? That really reminds me that I need some sleep. I think I'll end this one right here... after this last thing. We did find the end of the trail. And there was something very interesting there. I'll show you what it is, either today or tomorrow. Right now, we have just gotten a lot of snow, and I might want to show you that first. Why do we have such an early winter this year? I think I need some sleep.

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  1. Feel very peaceful and easy-minded on reading your story; if there is a monster, it should be a cute one, laughing like Santa Claus.

  2. I really enjoy the off the beaten track stories and photos - like the road less traveled. That tree does look a little menacing but beautiful all the same.

  3. No need to be frightened. It's bark is worst than it's bite.

  4. Rainfield61, I think finding Santa Claus out in the forest would be a great adventure. Even seeing his reindeer would be fun.

    Thanks Jodapoet, I keep finding odd trees in the forest, I agree completely with your description of that one. I knew I'd put a photo of it here, when I first saw it.

    Hey WiseAcre, I wasn't fuhfuhfrightened, I was uh just uh protecting the kid. Yeah, that's it, protecting a little kid.:)