Friday, October 17, 2008

Protector Of The Herd

I told you yesterday how I used my 10 tips to be able to get close to a herd of deer, and get several pictures of them. They eventually did get tired of me. When they finally decided to leave, something happened that I never expected.

I saw them begin to ease their way to the edge of the trees. It wasn't a sudden thing. They went slowly, one by one. In the middle of this, two deer that were already close to the trees, actually looked in my direction and took a few steps towards me.

This seemed to be a signal for the rest of the herd to leave. The others slowly filed out behind the leaders. These two seemed to be standing guard against any threats or intruders, like myself. They didn't see me as much of a threat, because of the techniques I used to put them at ease. They still decided that they wanted no interference from me or anything else when they left.

This was an actual aggressive action by the leaders of the herd. I certainly wasn't going to interfere. I never expected any of them to be this brave. I also saw some amazing intelligence in those actions.

I thought even though a herd stuck together, that when they were threatened, it was every deer for itself. This herd was organized and intelligent. This looked like a routine that they had done before. If you think about it, it's something human beings might do in a mildly threatening situation such as this.

If you're one of the bigger adults in a group of people, and your friends are being threatened in some way, you might stand in front and tell the others to get behind you. Then you would tell them to slowly move away, while you keep watch on the threat. You're not actually being attacked, so the situation is not urgent, it's just a precaution so there are no problems.

I just found it amazing that any other animal would think like this. Such a human thing. Other animals and humans have more things in common than we usually think about. Who would have thought we could be so similar? Funny, it's almost like we're all related in some way.

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