Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deer In My Backyard

Monday there were White Tailed Deer in my backyard. This was going to be a nice finale to the day's everyday adventure. It was all of a sudden, really sunny out here, and hard for me to see from the camera. These pictures could have been better, but I had to hurry for reasons I'll explain in another post with more pictures. I just wanted to get the first few pictures of these for anyone to see.

Look closely at the small deer in the middle. I like the way it was looking right at me. It just appeared kind of wobbly. This was from when I first came out, and they were a little worried about my presence here.

Here's a good example of why they are called white tailed deer. When they believe they're in danger, they will lift their tails up to show this white underside to each other as a warning signal. It wasn't me they were worried about here. I'll explain tomorrow, same Rat time, same Rat channel. I like saying that!

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