Monday, August 18, 2008

Upper Straits Overlook

Immediately, I have two opinions on this place. First, this looked like a cool place and we had some fun here. It also looked like it had some potential for a good view of the lake, especially since it was called Upper Straits Overlook. We walked around this place and just had fun with the uniqueness of it. We had fun, then we decided to check out the view of the lake.

This is the best view of Upper Straits Lake from here. I wouldn't want to interfere with the growth of the trees here either, but you can't really see anything from the overlook. I did get some better pictures, but only because the camera's zoom feature can see better than me. This represents the actual view the best. As you can see, maybe if the trees weren't in the way, this would be a great view. Part good adventure, part not so good adventure here. This park is bordered on two sides by these big beautiful lakes, but it seems there is really no public way to see them. That's unfortunate. The trails themselves are what's really important here anyway. If you come here to see these lakes you'll be disappointed, but if you come for the trails you'll have a great everyday adventure.

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