Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tree Of Woe

Click on this picture for a better look at this tree. Go ahead, it's fun. Click click click. Seriously, when I saw this tree, the first thing I thought was this looks unnatural. I often try to imagine some of these trees looking like something more, but this one took no great stretch of imagination.

Look closer at it. I would swear that some of the protrusions on this tree look like awful hideously frozen humanoid faces. In the light of day the tree looks like it's made of bone. When it's in shadows it looks downright scary.

This was the capper to the feeling that something just wasn't right in the nature park today. I saw one other person in here earlier who passed quickly by with his head down, which just added to the same feeling.

This tree is one of the creepiest looking things I've ever seen on these trails. I've been here many times and I never saw this before. If you like the spooky or the strange, which I do, you would have had an exciting everyday adventure here today!

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