Friday, August 22, 2008

Natural Changes

As I've said before, I like the nature trails and I've been hiking on them for a few years now. But since I decided to start this site, I really am noticing for the first time the changes in nature as time goes on. I've watched as flowers bloomed and disappeared. I see times when there are animals all around and times when they seem to have vanished. Sometimes the animals are just a different type. I've seen and heard a few birds of prey recently that I hope to get pictures of soon. They weren't there before that I know of. I've even noticed the changing patterns of people and their attitudes along the nature trails and some other places. As fall approaches, people seem to be more withdrawn and not quite as ready to stop and talk. At the beginning of the summer, some would literally stop me just to talk about nothing in particular. Usually they would say hi as they walked past. Not so much anymore. A kind of hibernation? I just wrote about the falling trees, which I'm assuming is a seasonal thing. The whole thing makes me excited to see what happens next, as summer turns to fall, and fall turns to winter. What will I see, Where will I go? I'll probably have to change my patterns as things get colder. But in what way? Just a little while ago I was kind of dreading this, because I wasn't sure what I would do. Now, I see it as an opportunity for newer and different everyday adventures. The possibilities are endless. Anyway the wind blows...

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