Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arrowhead Rock

I found this rock at the Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary. This thing looks just like a giant arrowhead. It's about three feet long. I wanna see if I can find the giant that used this. That would be an amazing picture. It looks pretty old, so he's probably long gone by now. Oh well. For some reason I only took one picture of this rock. Just looking at it made Alice feel pretty small, so we'll have to find something to bring her size back up. Why does she keep doing that?


  1. Hmmm... are there any other rocks nearby, an outcrop or something? I'm just wondering how it got there.

    I always thought giants are too clumsy and stupid to make arrowheads, but maybe I'm prejudiced after reading "The Silver Chair" by C. S. Lewis :-)

  2. John - I'm guessing it's just a coincidence that the rock looks like an arrowhead. This is in a nature preserve where many of these things were set up by people. There are many rocks of that size. They may be just decorations, but maybe they were already there.

    It's been awhile since I read The Silver Chair. I always loved those books. I need to go back and reread them all.