Friday, September 1, 2017

Alice And The Mushrooms

The mushroom said to Alice, "Come closer, and I will tell you the tale of The Everyday Adventurer."

But when Alice moved closer a rabbit hole opened up and Alice fell in. Down, down, down went Alice past the center of the earth. Alice fell all the way to the other side.

When Alice looked around this new place on the other side of the world she saw another mushroom that looked strangely like the first.

When Alice looked down at it, the mushroom whispered to her, "Come closer and I will tell you about My Journey to get here." Alice was confused, but she liked this new mushroom.

The two mushrooms were brothers from opposite sides of the world.

I'll talk to you later.


  1. Who, but Alice, knew mushrooms could be so intriguing?

  2. I love mushrooms and hope one day to have enough knowledge to know which I could pick for food....I definitely need Alice....she could ask the mushrooms if they were good or bad!!😃

  3. LOL They always catch my eye, but so does Alice

  4. Sounds like a good start to a very interesting story!

  5. I wonder if Alice qill be more cautious about talking to mushrooms

  6. mmmmmm I love mushrooms! I have a big bag of them in the fridge right now. But be cautious. Some mushrooms may not be quite what you expect.... but does Alice know?

  7. Alice continues to find interesting mushrooms.
    She bets you to find more than her.
    But she will soon lose count the number.
    She is poor in maths.

  8. You and Rainfield could definitely be related. I like reading Alice's story from both sides of the world!

  9. Hello.

    Brilliant works.
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    I wish You all the best.
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    From Japan, ruma ❃