Monday, March 16, 2009

The Floods Are Back

After all the rain we had a week ago, I wasn't surprised to find that the river at Heritage Park had overflowed again. Still, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't walk over to the bridge. It was on the other side of this new section of the river.

This new river section used to be the hiking trail. It was now blocked by deep, quickly flowing water from the river. It was so wide that I couldn't even see the bridge from this side. The bridge was up around a corner, but I couldn't even get close.

I couldn't even attempt to get closer because when I say deep, I really mean it. Only a few feet from the edge of this new shore, the water is at least two feet deep. Looking out further, this ice cold water would come up to my waist. Even I wouldn't try to cross that.

I had a good idea though. Just up to the right is another trail coming in from the other side of the park. I could walk all the way around and try to get in from that side. These trails crisscross through each other all over the park. Even if I can't get through over there, I can at least maybe see the flood from a different, and maybe better direction.

It took me awhile to get there, because I saw very many things along the way. When I finally arrived back to the same area but on the other trail, I found the same thing. The trail over here was blocked as well.

I could see the place where I was before, but I still couldn't see the bridge. I wasn't disappointed though because seeing this flooding was actually very interesting. I wish I could show it all to you. There are times when the river itself is only a foot deep, and you can easily wade across it. Now you would drown trying to get near it.

I spotted something else interesting while I was here. As soon as I arrived I saw about six ducks swimming around on the flooded trail. It was the same exact spot I saw ducks on the trail last fall. Back then it was completely dry here, and I thought the ducks were out of place here deep in the woods.

While I was watching the ducks swimming around, I saw something funny. A duck swam from the left side of the trail faster than I've ever seen before. There was another duck right behind it. The second one was chasing it!

The second duck must have been angry with the first, because they were swimming so fast I could hear it. It made a big swooshing sound. It was kind of hard to see the whole thing, because they were blocked by the trees. I got one picture of it that was slightly blurry.

These ducks were entertaining me very much, which is more than I can say for the sneaky squirrels I keep seeing. The squirrels run across the path with no warning, only to disappear soon after. My squirrel war is still ongoing. Ducks swim away from me, but they're still more friendly than squirrels.

Okay, I think I'll stop now before I go off into another crazy squirrel rant. I have to get them!

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  1. Great blog..

  2. Interesting. This sounds a lot like trying to hike the whole loop at Scottville park in the spring. You can't do it! and the river makes it actually dangerous. I think those ducks are thinking about (shh) S-E-X, not you at all! (I think that's the only time they swim so fast like that- well, I suppose unless under attack by some other animal)

  3. I like it, the Nature is changing the scene. I'll see green from you. And you'll be in more trouble to hunt the squirrel, just like me.

  4. Be patient...squirrels hate patience.

  5. TravelAndTrips - Thank you very much.

    Sharkbytes - I think you are right about the ducks. That's what it looked like when I was there. There was a hawk flying around though, but I'm sure it was after some of the smaller birds.

    Rainfield - The green is coming back very soon. I think the squirrels are beginning to know that I'm after them.

    The Retired One - That's no problem. I have all spring and summer, but I think the squirrels are on to me.

  6. Rain is good. I think everywhere in the world is suffering drought to an extent.

    The beauty of a cleansing rain does wash away all the dust, thus leaving clarity for photography!

  7. Roentarre - We've been luckier than you. We've had near record snow and rain here. I've noticed that the rain has actually cleaned up the water around here.