Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ice Quake

Carpenter LakeThere are times when I go out to enjoy nature and something completely unexpected happens. I recently had a time like that. Nature sometimes has a way of giving us pleasant surprises. I'm going to explain this in the best way I can.

While I was out hiking at Carpenter Lake, the squirrels were still skillfully evading me, so I decided to stop and see how much ice was left covering the lake. It has been warming up here very much lately, but the the lake is still covered with ice. It is melting fast, but there is so much of it that it's going to take some time to melt all the way.

While I was standing there, I heard a strange sound. The sound was coming from the direction of the lake. It was a rumbling crash. It sounded almost like a tree trunk slowly being torn in half. Or maybe like a wooden building being violently crushed. This was very strange, and I couldn't figure out what it was.

Fishing PlatformI then thought maybe the sound was coming from the direction of the fishing platform. The platform looked unharmed, but the sound was very loud. I would hear it, then it would stop and then repeat at random times. I needed to get closer so I could solve this mystery.

I quickly walked down to the platform and stood there quietly waiting. I was looking out at the lake when it happened again! The sound rumbled like thunder! This time it wasn't only a sound. As I stood on the wooden fishing platform, I could feel that rumbling under my feet!

It was like being in an earthquake! The only difference was that I knew I was safe. I was close enough now to understand what was happening. I guess it was very similar to an earthquake that I was experiencing. What was causing it? I'll tell you.

Carpenter LakeThis was the sound of the ice sheet on the lake cracking. The whole thing! As I stood there, I heard and felt the cracking rumble start from the far right on the lake to the distant left. It traveled right past me all the way down to the end of the lake.

While I stood there feeling and hearing this amazing event, I actually saw the ice moving with the sound. I don't know how else to better describe this but maybe an ice quake. Anyone who has ever felt the tremor of an earthquake might understand what I experienced.

I must have stood there for half an hour while it happened over and over again at random times. This was something that I wanted to be there for as long as I could. This was maybe an event that I'll never experience again. I don't know anyone else who has ever experienced something like this. This was simply amazing!

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  1. I've never experienced that and it must have been exciting. I know the past couple of days people have been trying to drive out on the ice and because of the melt, their cars have actually gone through.
    I've never actually had the opportunity to be around the ice during one of those times when it is trying to move. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  2. How totally cool!
    I love the ice break up on our lake and wait for it every spring. It isn't melted yet...
    But this is the first spring I have been retired, so when I see it starting to melt more, I will have to go down closer to the shore to see if I can hear it.
    You were in the right place at the right time...lucky you!

  3. I cannot be jealous of your experience. The Nature has shared out everything evenly to you and me.

  4. Oh my it sounds like you had quite an exciting experience.

    Wow I lived in Maine for years so I know about the ice on the lakes.

    Also I wanted to explain about my cancellations in regards to you.

    I canceled everything yesterday with EC in protest over their new terms. I do have a link up on my site for you. I added everyone to the post who got adds canceled.

    I spent the entire time in tears doing it. but, for me it was a matter of principle and I simply felt I had to make my protest and thank goodness they have listened to everyone.

    They are not going to force adds and debit you if you reject....that was my only issue I had with them.

    So now that has changed and I am back.

    I do ot have credits enough to buy an add from you now. But, I do so hope you understand and are not upset with me.

    I hope you have a great day and in the future will allow me the privilege of advertising on your site.

    Happy day and watch out for those squirrels!!:-)))))

  5. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  6. Ratty, another series of great shots. And I'm glad the squirrels evade you. They are very agressive here :)

  7. glad you came out safe from the ice quake, it must really be something exciting for you, a once in a lifetime experience probably?

  8. Mountain Woman - It was very exciting, because I've never seen anything like it before. I never knew it would do that. I'd be afraid to drive a car onto the ice at it's strongest.

    The Retired One - I have a feeling that it was making those sounds for awhile. All of the flooding and then the runoff must have been making that little lake change drastically.

    Rainfield - We both get to experience very unique things.

    Shinade - It was very exciting. I have a whole new perspective now.

    Don't worry even a little bit about the cancellation. The Entrecard situation has been chaos for everyone, so that's exactly what I thought was happening. I hope it works out well for everyone.

    Those crazy squirrels can't beat me! :)

    Hapi - You have a nice day too.

    Jodapoet - Squirrels seem to be the most temperamental little animals. I'll keep after them though.

    Betchai - I don't think I was ever in any danger. That lake is kind of small, and the ice was mostly gone at the edge of the platform I was on. It definitely was a once in a lifetime experience. I hope I can change that though.

  9. Thank God you not standing on the ice instead Ratty, very unique experience indeed!

  10. Vanilla - I'm much too afraid to stand on the ice, even when it's safe. I hope I hear it again some time.

  11. Wow- I've seen single cracks open up with one rumble, but never anything like you just described. That is really awesome.

  12. Sharkbytes - The best part was that it kept on doing it over and over.

  13. Hey Ratty!

    I am so sorry for not have a chance to visit your site for a long time. It was an exciting experienced that you share with us here.

    I already miss lots of your adventure and i will try to read some more of your adventure after this. I am way too busy with my new task and loads with works even though sometimes i can visit my blog and get it updated. The problem is, i don't have time to visit my fren's blog.

    So, keep up with your adventure and so much thanks for always visit my site and give comments.

    Have a nice day!

  14. Rose - You don't have to worry or feel sorry about it. Your new job looks very important, and very interesting to me. I'm happy to see that you sometimes have new information about your wildlife. So update your blog when you can, and visit here whenever you want. You've had some very good things recently. Thanks for taking the time to comment here too.