Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deer Park

I got to see something that is unusual for me. Instead of being in the middle of a forest, I visited a few open areas. While I was there, I found another place where deer like to go. It seems these particular deer live in this area most of the year.

Usually when I walk by here on the hiking trails, the sides of the trail are covered with bushes that conceal the view here. It's usually difficult to see into this place, even in the winter. I think all of the rain we've had must have helped clear things away a bit.

I think this was my first good look at any deer in an open area like this. Usually there are trees all around me, or the deer are at the edge of the forest. The good thing about this was that there were still bushes beside the trail I was on, so it was very easy for me to hide.

Even though I was hiding behind the bushes and I was very far away, these deer still detected my presence. They knew I was somewhere out there, but they couldn't find me. They were looking all around trying to find me, but they never did.

I'm not sure where they would have run to if I went after them, because this is usually their hiding place. There is a small park road just on the other side of the hill in the back of this picture. I'm sure they have some escape route though.

I stayed out here for a long time because I was enjoying myself, and I really had nothing important to do at home. I got to see a lot of animals getting ready for warmer weather, and I'm beginning to feel a deeper warmth outside that feels like spring.

One of my biggest adventures the last few days was trying to get on the internet. My connection has been in and out. I have no idea what my internet provider has been doing, but it's been frustrating. Maybe squirrels have been chewing on the lines or something. I did manage to get on for a little while though, so I was at least able to get this post up. I think everything is fine now.

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  1. The squirrel wanted to surf Internet in a wrong way. They must be educated.
    By the way, quite a nice hide-and-seek game with the deer.

  2. The deer look pretty healthy. I know they were talking about the hard winter and how they didn't know if the deer would starve. We have seen some on the side of our roads trying to eat the little strip of grass....and they look healthy too.
    Oh, did you get the photo I sent to you and Alice??? If not, let me know? I sent it over 2 days ago.

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  4. Rainfield - Maybe the squirrels are getting angry with me for hunting them. I'm glad I got to see the deer in a place like that. When the leaves come back to the bushes, I won't get to see in there.

    The Retired one - Our deer are protected here, so they're almost like wild pets. There is plenty of places for them to get food and even to hide.

    Sorry, I forgot to let you know that I got your photo. My internet connection has been a little flaky so I've been neglecting a lot of things on here lately. I have a post planned for it, and I'll let you know before it's up.

    Keyword - I'll be sure to look into it.

  5. Those squirrels have turned the tables and are stalking you! Deer like browsing in open spaces like that when the weather doesn't force them into protected spaces.

    PS the word verification for this post is nocow. Is that subpar to nobull?

  6. Sharkbytes - I knew it would be war with the squirrels. It's a rare thing for me to get to see deer in those open spaces. I'm glad I had the chance.

    These word verifications are sometimes eerily close to some strange words.

  7. Anytime you get to observe white tail deer at that range is a good day! It might be interesting to see which plants they were nibbling on. Late forage is important, and it would be good to know what they are eating.

    Very nice blog, I like the relaxed "atmosphere"

  8. Wildramblings - I've been much closer to them. Seeing them out in the open was great though. I can't really go where they were. That park is watched carefully, and they'd make me leave.