Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Squirrel Is Not A Meal

Here we are in the middle of a squirrely week. The Find The Squirrel game from the last few days was a nice success. Thanks, everybody! Yesterday, I had two posts in the same day. I haven't done that in a while. Today, I have these great photos from that same squirrel from the game. And I also have a little story about how I found this squirrel.

After already hiking through one of the trails at Heritage Park, I was coming back to the front of the park. I found myself coming near the place where Alice and I saw this little squirrel twice before. I had actually planned things this way. I was going to this place for a reason. The reason was that I was really hoping to see this squirrel again this time.

I had a good reason to hope. I was wondering something about this squirrel. And I was afraid. Very afraid. You see, after a few other things I saw, and several more posts, I began to wonder if this squirrel was still alive. I had a very good reason to doubt this. The day my little friend Alice and I saw the squirrel, we also later saw a hawk.

As I did a little bit of research on hawks for my post about the one we saw, I was reading about some of the things these big birds eat. One of the things they find delicious are squirrels. We saw the squirrel at the beginning of our journey, and we saw the hawk at the end. Both at the front of the park, only a few feet from each other.

There was something that I didn't mention to Alice on that day when we were happily taking pictures of these two wonderful creatures. It was that the hawk was eating something up there in his perch, high up in the tree. From where we were, she could only barely see the bird, but I saw it clearly through the camera.

I didn't think too much about the situation until I found out what it ate. I really never thought about it. I knew that a hawk was a predator, but I didn't stop to think that it might eat our precious little red squirrel. I've been worried about this squirrel for these past several weeks since then. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found him.

When I moved towards the place where I usually saw this squirrel, I really didn't expect to see him at all. I didn't have the magic of Alice with me, and my hope was fading. It was more of a desperate search than anything else.

I looked up in his favorite tree and saw nothing. Then I looked at the totem pole, and only saw the wooden animals carved upon it's side. I was just about ready to give up when I saw something move off toward my right. I quickly turned my head that way, and then I really saw him!

It was him! It was the little red squirrel! I'm not sure I can express how happy I was to see him. The only problem was that I don't think he was very happy to see me. As soon as he saw me, he quickly ran up the small pine tree where you see him in the photos. I thought I had lost him, but I was determined to see him again.

I didn't see him run away this time, so I knew he was somewhere in this small tree. I walked all the way around it without seeing him. He is a very good hider. In the end, I was a better finder. After scanning this tree for a few minutes, I saw him in the middle of the tree. He kept very still, hoping I wouldn't see him.

He didn't move a muscle, but he watched everything I did. I began taking as many photos of him as I could. I looked in at him from every direction that I could. He was still to afraid to move, the whole time. After a few more minutes of doing this, I began to feel sorry for him, so I left him in peace, and moved along to another place.

There you have it. My story of how I found this little squirrel again. I didn't expect to find him at all, but I hoped I would. I was just glad that this squirrel was not a meal for the hawk. Hawks have to eat too, but this squirrel is my friend.

That's it for today. It's been a busy week for me. I'll be back tomorrow with another everyday adventure.

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  1. Alice should be delighted to be around with us on the squirrel week.

  2. Oh, I am so glad the hawk did not get the squirrel, what a joy must it be for you to see your squirrel alive. I feel the joy just by reading and happy the squirrel to be there. Thanks for sharing to us your wonderful story and pictures.

  3. Rainfield61 - You're right! I'll have to make sure I show her these things from my squirrel week.:)

  4. Betchai - Thanks for your new game! It was fun.

    I was really happy because that squirrel is becoming an old friend.

  5. This is very sweet. At our old house, we got to know a squirrel who was very recognizable because he had a very scrawny tail. We would put nuts out for him and he became relatively friendly.

    When I was at university, I remember squirrels being so forward that if you were eating something they'd crawl up your pants leg. It was an amazing sight. They were that accustomed to human interaction.

    I know some folks think of squirrels as vermin, but I think they're cute little buggers. Can't help it. I just love animals in general.

  6. Cube - I've seen squirrels almost as friendly as your university squirrels, but my old friend isn't courageous enough for that. I've never thought of them as vermin either, they never really bother anything around here. They're always so fun to watch.:)

  7. Enjoyed your site. Squirrels are very interesting and fun to watch. There intelligence levels are amazing, leave nothing to chance, they are able to figure it out. If you want to pass the time of day just go find a squirrel and watch.

  8. This is a dlightful site and one to which I will return again.

  9. Wildrose Impressions - Thanks. You're exactly right about squirrels. They have such amazing personalities.

    Nerys - Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

  10. Nerys: Cool name. Star Trek fan, by chance?