Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Found The Squirrel?

Here's the answer to my Find The Squirrel game. I put a red circle around the squirrel. This one was found very easily. A few of you found it. You know who you are. Every guess was greatly appreciated. I hope everyone had just a little bit of fun searching. That's what I hoping for.

This squirrel likes to hide, and it took me a few minutes to find him. Here's a few more photos from this direction, so you can see the same thing I was seeing. It should give you a better view of the squirrel too. Tomorrow, I'll have some even better photos of this squirrel. I think they may be the best shots I ever got of this squirrel. I've seen it several times now.

Here are some other photos of this squirrel, so you can see where it is a little better. And also, here is a list of the people who tried the game. I've listed their wonderful websites, if they have them. Take a look for yourself. I visit these sites very often.

The anonymous Mother Goose. No website, but she added to the game.

Rainfield61 - My Journey

Sharkbytes (TM) - Get Off The Couch News My Quality Day North Country Trail News

Betchai - California San Diego Backroads

Mike - My Thai Photo Blog My Thai Friend English Conversation Online

Jenera - Jenera Healy Photography Just Me Jenera Healy Photos

John - English Wilderness Make Nothing Online

Sandra - SF_Ghoul's Corewar & Redcode Programming Blog

These are the websites that I know about. They may have others. They're all great. Take a look. Really, visit their sites.

To the people who's websites I have listed. If you have any corrections you wish me to make about your site, please let me know. I'll do so immediately.

I really hope everyone had fun with our little game. I sometimes like to help these squirrels hide, since they enjoy doing it so much. That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow, with the interesting story of this sneaky little squirrel from the game.

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  1. oh, i was close but very far :)) i said at the right side of the tree at the middle but below the diagonal, i was referring to the dark spot below, i did not see the one here right on the branch. now, i think this one is really right by the intersection of the two diagonal lines :)

    this is really a fun game, i love it even if i did not guess it right. thanks for sharing to us this game, and giving is some fun. also, thanks for linking us. i hope you won't feel bad if i will have a game like this, now, that is not original :(( i will be a copycat :))

    anyway, thanks again, i really love the game, looking for more adventures and fun to come.

  2. Betchai - I'm glad you liked the game. Even if you didn't see the squirrel at first, you had a good guess. I must confess that even though I can make a game, I'm not that good at finding these things either.:)

    I hope you go ahead and do a game. I'd like to play too. These mischievous squirrels gave me the idea, so I guess I took it from them. Since I was only helping them with their hiding, you are welcome to do a game too.:)

    I'll be looking forward to playing your game.

  3. My only excuse I have is being old and half-blind [:>)], thank goodness for the red circle. Another remarkable photograph!

  4. Hi, thanks for posting hunt the squirrel, it was a fantastic idea :-)

  5. Thanks Ratty, I semi-started a new one, but not really a formal game since my picture is too obvious :( but it is kind of and inspired by you. You can check it here where I special linked this game :) . I will try to do better next time though and will make it also fun like yours :)) I will pay more attention to something I can present as fun.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this brilliant idea.

  6. A.J. - I think I said last time that I would find a different kind of game for you. I need to try a little harder.:)

    John - Thanks for liking it, John.:)

    Betchai - You're welcome! I'll take a look right away. I hope everyone else will also have a look.

  7. Oh, I actually got it right! How exciting!

    Thanks for the links too! I appreciate it! I also added you to my blogroll on the photo blog so I can remember to keep coming back.

  8. Jenera - That's the site of yours that I didn't remember. It's the one I think of when I see your name, and I have visited it often. I'm glad you mentioned it. I added it to the list. It's too good to keep off.