Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Blustery Day

When I got to the nature preserve on Winds-day, uh, I mean Wednesday, it was unusually crowded. Normally there are two other cars at the most. This time there were about a dozen cars in the parking lot. One of them even took my usual parking place. AAHHHHH!

Some of the people were walking toward the trails as I parked, so I decided to sit and wait for them to move along. I wanted to be alone on the trails, so I could get some good pictures, without any of them in the shots. After a few minutes I got out of the truck and headed for the trail.

There were a few people examining the sign at the beginning of the trail. As I walked by, they turned and began walking behind me. I was really not in the mood for others to be so close to me right now, so I stopped and examined my camera for a few seconds while they walked past.

I waited a few seconds so they could move out of sight, because I didn't want them in my photos. It didn't help at all, because they kept stopping and looking at things. I wanted them to move along and get out of my way! You can see them in this first photo. They're at the back, hidden only a little by the trees. Why does this have to happen to me. Why me. WHY ME!!!

I waited a few more seconds, until the people were now far out of sight. No more worries. It was just then that I began to notice that it was a very windy day. The only sound I was hearing was the wind blowing through the forest. No people and no animals. The animals must be hiding from the wind, and the recent human activity.

Since there were no animals to chase through the forest like an idiot, I decided I would take pictures of the wind blowing through the leaves of the few trees that had any. Trees are just as good as animals sometimes, especially if there aren't any animals. Scenery pictures are some of my favorites.

As I walked along, I saw two people with a dog on the other trail. An old man was moving toward them from the opposite direction. He stopped as he got to them, and talked for a few seconds while petting their dog.

As I moved along on my way towards the dam, I passed a man and a woman with a baby. We greeted one another without stopping, as I continued my little journey towards the dam and the best view of the lake. Would I find anything there but water?

As I got to the dam, I began to take several pictures. I didn't know which ones anyone but me would ever see. There is a viewing area here that is designed to, you guessed it, view the lake. I took more pictures and then decided to move to my next destination.

As I was leaving, two little kids were walking rapidly towards the platform. They were each carrying something large, and they were glancing at me nervously. They were obviously up to some sort of mischief. As I looked a little closer, I saw that they were carrying basketballs.

I kind of grinned to myself, and decided it was none of my business. I moved on up the trail away from the dam. As I looked back, I saw them each throw the balls into the water. None of my business, none of my concern. I walked away.

I was now moving back into the forest, and listening for more animals. I still heard nothing but the wind. It was blowing kind of hard now, and I heard the trees crashing into each other in places. I looked up a few times to make sure nothing was going to fall on me.

I kept moved forward, and I finally saw one lone robin fly past me on the trail. It landed on a branch close by, so I took the opportunity to get a few pictures. I already have plenty of pictures of robins, but maybe I could get something unique.

I don't know if what I got was anything more special than anything else I already had, but I liked this bird for giving me at least some small animal entertainment. It was the only animal out here today, and it let me get it's picture, so I decided to give it a name. I named this robin Christopher.

My new friend flew away to continue it's busy day, so I decided to go too. I didn't see many animals today, but the forest still made my troubles and my sour attitude evaporate like magic. That's why I like these places. I came in feeling mean, and I was leaving feeling cheerful and refreshed. What a wonderful place!

As I got back out to the parking lot, my truck was the only vehicle left. Everyone else was gone. Even the ones who came after me. I didn't think I was there that long. I wonder why they left so fast. Maybe they were frightened away by a tigger or something. It didn't matter, because I was now happy and on my way back home.


  1. Wow, you definitely have a wonderful day. The images are so unique

  2. I so identify with your frustration of other people on the trails. I love to be alone when I am exploring unless I am with a fellow hiker or birder. I realize they have just as much of a right to be there as I do, I just want them to leave me alone.

    Robins are such nice birds. Hopefully the wind will die down for you some today and you can explore the woods in solitude. ;o)

  3. We just cannot avoid people along the journey, anyhow we are also one of them.
    Usually I take the trick of a sudden turn which hide me from others for a few seconds. Yes, these are precious few seconds.

  4. I hate it when unsupervised kids show up and start harassing some animal...I probably look like a cranky lady when I sometimes say to them: "It is proabably not a good idea to do that..." They give me a look and keep moving, at least. Last time it was a bunch of kids throwing rocks at the geese and ducks. Why? Oh Why? And, where the heck are their parents???
    The Retirement Chronicles

  5. I was at Pooh Corner yesterday having tea with Kanga and Owl until Tigger bounced me into Once-Upon-A Time. I must have just missed you.

  6. Roentarre - They are a little different than I usually post, but they represent what I usually see the most.

    Kallen - That's exactly how I feel sometimes. Most of the time I'm fine with them after I've been on the trails for awhile and I have time to relax. I was in an unusually cranky mood that day, and I thought I would tell the story.

    Rainfield - I see people almost every time I go on my journeys. This time there were many more than usual, and I started out in a mean mood. I went so I would be happier, and it worked. About halfway through, I didn't mind the people at all.

    The Retired One - I'm glad there were no animals there this time. That's why I didn't attempt to scare the kids off. Usually it's easier just to walk away if they're not hurting any animals. These two were kind of small to do much harm anyway. They should have had parents nearby all that deep water though.

    Mother Goose - I saw you from above. The wind whipped up, and blew me up in the air all the way across Pooh Corner.

  7. You should do what I do to be left alone. Argue loudly with yourself in different voices and always remember to keep scratching yourself all over. Sometimes it helps to point at people but never approach them.

  8. WiseAcre - I've done things like that at work, but it drew people like flies. Some people around here see that as a welcome sign. If you point at them, they come running like a lost puppy. I might try asking them all for money or something like that.

  9. Hmm... the nerve of all those folks to be on your trail! Those windy days have been really something. I'm happy for a calmer one today. I'm a little surprised that it's still so brown where you are. Not even a hint of a wildflower here yet, but you should be 2 weeks ahead of me.

  10. Sharkbytes - Yes, exactly! They even took my parking place! They made me so angry that I went and found a new place to play. ;)

    It was beautiful here today. I think the brownness is only that particular nature preserve. At the new one I discovered today, there is new sprouting grass and wildflowers everywhere. I can't tell you how excited I am right now!

  11. Wow! You have taken me on a long journey. I enjoy your enthusiasm and passion for life.

  12. Yeo Kee Hui - Thanks. That may be the first time I've told the story of my whole journey through a nature preserve.