Tuesday, March 31, 2009

After The Storm

After a day of rain and snow, I went back out to Carpenter Lake to see how much snow was still on the ground. It turned out to be rather uneventful, because there was almost none left. When I got to the nature preserve there was a little bit of snow on the ground, and when I left the snow was already gone. It's too warm for snow now.

I also noticed that the animals had gone into hiding. They all must have gone and found warm places to wait until the weather became a little more pleasant. They didn't have to wait too long, because today was a beautiful day. The animals came back as the snow left.

As I took these pictures of the lake, there were no geese or ducks swimming around. They were all resting at the other end. They have made nests down there in the weeds. I found them later as they were just waking up from their rest. But for now I had the lake all to myself.

After all of the rainfall, the lake water is now a shade of brownish green. It's not polluted. It's just that the rain and snow runoff added mud to the lake, that was already full of algae. It was getting clearer recently, and it will clear up again soon. But for now it looks like this. It's okay because it's a natural thing for this lake.

I want to talk about this blog for a minute. The last few days have been bothersome for this blog. From what I understand, blogger fixed an obscure problem with rss feeds last week. It appears that the fix broke some compatibility with Feedburner, which I also use here. This is speculation by me, but I think that's what happened.

Well, the facts are that my rss feed has been broken since the beginning of the weekend. Mine doesn't appear to be the only one effected. It also effected some automatically updating links to me, like the kind in my sidebar. The problem has been using a combination of the two services in a certain way. It created a loop through Feedburner that couldn't see my new posts.

As far as I can tell, I have the problem fixed for now, but I had to change my settings in a way that I don't like completely. Nobody else will notice a difference. At least the feed is updating now, I think. I'll know for sure if this post goes out through the feed at the right time. Hopefully everything will be fine. This has really been irritating.

That's my post for today. A little bit of nature and a little bit of blog news. Adventures don't always happen out in nature, and they're not always pleasant. Sometimes, as you all know, blogs and the internet can be an adventure; and it's usually good, but sometimes not so much. For now, everything is good.

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  1. Some moment that is uneventful to you may not mean boredoom to me. I have a few experiences on this. Your pictures on lake look so different from what you have presented before. This is the best lake scene at Carpenter Lake.

  2. Sounds like you are pretty handy with the computer and setting up things.
    I am foreign to all of that stuff...I just type in what I want, post a few photos or graphics, add a few widgets and feel pretty smug that I can do any of THAT!!! ha
    Now I know who to go to if things get fouled up on my blog site!!!!

  3. Hey Bud! I have some kind of problem with feedburner too! My subscribers dropped from anout 40 to 3 in one day, whats that all about? Do you know if others had this problem? Do I need to do anything? Is the world going to end? And what's for dinner?

    Keep up the great adventures my friend!

  4. Well, I haven't been able to figure out how to get that feedburner chiclet on my blog yet... so since it had problems maybe I don't care yet. Yes, sometimes this is a time of year where not much seems to happen. A couple of weeks and we won't be able to track the changes as spring really pops!

  5. Rainfield - It was uneventful and very eventful at the same time. I got to watch nature wake back up from that snowstorm. These Carpenter Lake pictures gave us all a nice preview of what's to come when the tree turn green.

    The Retired One - I'll try to help whenever you need it. I won't guarantee that I can solve everything, but I can usually figure out most computer problems. Sometimes the solution isn't ideal though, like my rss problem.

    Scott - I had the exact same problem about two weeks ago. It took a few days, but it returned to normal by itself. I don't think you need to do anything. Yes, the world is going to end. I'll bet you didn't expect that answer. And tacos are for dinner. I love Mexican food. Thanks Scott.

    Sharkbytes - The Feedburner stuff will be easy once you take a look at their site. I don't know that Feedburner is very necessary anyway.

    I'm just beginning to see buds on the trees. I'm hoping to see green everywhere in only a matter of days.

  6. yes, adventure happens anytime anywhere. good for you that you seem to know a lot about networking, feedburner, blogging, etc, i wish i do too, but for now, i am proud to say i can blog :) hehe, that is an achievement already for me :) i have limited idea about computer applications.

    oh, i love the lake pictures, so peaceful.

    i am not sure if leaving a comment is one of the problems, but i tried leaving a comment earlier without signing in to google, just using my name/url, but did not go through, so am trying again using my google account if it works.

  7. Betchai - Sometimes knowing so much about this stuff seems like a curse. I constantly have to remind myself not to get obsessed and play around with the settings so much. I have to try to remember to keep this as only a tool.

    That lake is a wonderful place.

    I'll check into the comment thing. It's not part of this rss feed problem, but Blogger seems to have constant problems with the comment system.