Monday, January 12, 2009

Flight Of The Hawk

Here I am, back from my descent into insanity! Back? Well, almost. Am I ever really back? Today I'm going to try and focus on something different than being stir crazy, which has been happening a lot in these winter months.

The other day I saw another hawk. The last time I saw one of these beautiful predators, I got plenty of photos before it flew away. The only thing I regret about that encounter was the fact that I didn't get a shot of it flying.

I did get one photo of it when it just began it's flight. When it actually flew away, I was not prepared at all. Maybe even if I was, I wouldn't have gotten the shot, because when it took off it flew behind the tree. It was my first chance at hawk photos, so maybe I wasn't meant to get a shot of a hawk flying just yet.

This time I'm not sure that the photos are as clear as the last time, but it's a unique sighting. It's a thrill to see a new animal every time I get to do it. You never know, maybe this is the same hawk as last time. I don't think so, because there are so many of them around here right now.

I don't think these birds like the ground very much, because whenever I see them they're either in a tree or in the sky. Maybe they don't do very well on the ground. It's probably dangerous for them down here with the rest of us. I guess even a predator has to be careful.

As I said before, I didn't get a shot of the other hawk flying, and I really wanted to. It didn't matter that much because it was a very good day, but as you can tell, I guess it does matter a little bit. This time I was only a little more prepared...

Here is my photo of a flying hawk! It's not the best picture of a hawk in flight, but I finally got it. This time when it took off, it flew right toward me. I was quick enough to get this one shot. The next one I got was just empty sky. I was glad this one even came out this well.

I would like to say that I'm improving as a photographer, but this hawk gave me a gift. It was mostly luck that I got this. One of these times it will be skill, but maybe not yet. One day, when I get a photo like this, you'll be able to see every feather on this great bird. Today, I'm happy just happy to have this one shadowy shot.

The funny thing about this hawk is that this photo was taken on the other side of the same park as the last one. It's the same park where my little squirrel lives. This hawk was flying in the exact direction where that squirrel lives. Uh oh! I think it's time for me to worry again...

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  1. Why the animals you have shown do not wear any winter coats and they still actively move around.

    They even carry out their daily adventure.

    Ha ha ha...

  2. I also have a few pictures of empty sky. :-)

  3. Way to go, Ratty! Good pics of birds in flight are really hard with "normal" cameras. Welcome back from insanity? (Some would say people like us are permanently loony)

  4. Rainfield61 - Sure, they do wear winter coats. That hawk has a nice warm coat of feathers.:)

    John - Those empty sky pictures seem to be easy to get don't they?:)

    Sharkbytes - Thanks! I haven't really even begun to learn to use this camera. When I actually read the manual, then I might do even better.

    Most people I know tell me I'm crazy for doing these things. I guess there's nothing better than watching TV for them.