Monday, August 28, 2017

The Return Of An Old Nemesis

I was wandering around minding my own business. I wasn't anticipating taking any pictures at all. That may be why you are wondering exactly what it is that you're looking at.

At the bottom of that tree, you might see a little speck of color. That is my subject of the day. I only had my phone camera with me so I couldn't zoom in enough to get a proper picture.

I wish I could have shown this little rascal to you a bit better, but I do still have something for you. Would you like to know now what the heck I'm talking about?

It's the return of my old nemesis, Flynn, the squirrel adventurer. Just look at him standing there laughing at me. He's been tormenting me for years. This little scoundrel followed me all the way from Michigan to harass and taunt me once again.

He's the only one to ever get a picture of me and put it on this blog. He's been making fun of me for nine long years because I put on this rat suit as a joke and the zipper got stuck. I've been unable to get out of it ever since. I gotta to tell ya, the smell in here is ungodly.

If you are at all curious as to my insane rantings, and you want to read the whole story of my adventures with Flynn, then do a search on this blog for "Flynn". You'll see the whole horrible truth.

I'll talk to you later.


  1. Hey Ratty...I always love your squirrel pics....your squirrels look so much more colourful than ours. I don't tend to see them much around where I live but Polly and I did come across one when we were walking in the forest one day, Polly of course immediately took chase and then proceeded to run circles round the tree not figuring that the squirrel had gone Up it!!
    I do love her so but she does have a few 'dim'moments!!

  2. I can't believe he followed you all that way. Henreally has it in for you. Be careful out there 😊