Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Flowers In My Backyard

I typically brag that the land around my house is overgrown with weeds. It's something that most people would consider strange. Why would I brag about something so negative? I can't help it. It's a trait that I get from my dad.

My dad would tell people that he could live without modern conveniences, like electricity, easier than anyone else. And he would go about proving it to everyone, including himself. There is still an outdoor wood stove attached to my house, and I use it every winter. It makes things a little more difficult, but it saves lots of money.

I like the land around me to look wilder than is normally accepted by lots of others because it gives me a sense of being more natural. I don't really care about a manicured lawn. That looks kind of sterile to me. I'd live in the middle of a forest if I could do it. But unlike my dad, I do appreciate modern conveniences like electricity and computers.

But this whole concept brings us to these phlox flowers. In all of the weeds, I found these flowers growing. Uncharacteristically, I was going to cut the weeds down and mow the area. But when I found the flowers I had to get a few pictures first.

So by the time you read this the flowers will be gone. I kind of had to do it because the weeds were getting a little too close to the house. I try to keep the area near the house straightened up just a bit. I still like it kind of wild though.

So, what would you do? Would you have cut down these flowers like I did? Or would you have left the weeds growing? I feel like I had to do it. There are still lots of weeds farther away from the house. But only in the places I don't need to go very much.

We'll see if the birds deposit seeds of flowers in some of the more overgrown areas now. That will be a little better. Then I won't have to get rid of them. It's a big area and I'll keep looking for interesting plants. Who knows what I might find? I'll talk to you later.


  1. We don't spray herbicides or insecticides on our lawn but we keep it mowed.

    They are pretty flowers. I would find it hard to mow them.

  2. I would have had a hard time mowing overthe flowers. Iprobably would have tried to dig them up and move them

  3. I think these are very pretty flowers.