Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Tall Tale Or Just A Whopping Lie?

I just have to come right out and say it. I lied. I'm a terrible liar. I lied in my last post. I never went on a pokemon hunt at all. In fact, I've never played the game. I've never even seen it. I have a wonderful phone, but my operating system just isn't one of the popular ones that can get this game. So I lied to make myself look cool.

I have another confession that you just won't believe. Wait for it. It's a shocker. I never even broke my leg. See, I knew you'd think it was unbelievable. Now that I've confessed you'll never believe again that a broken leg can heal after two weeks. What will the world do with that information?

So how can you ever trust my word again? Well, the simple answer is that you can't. I lie all the time. I can't say that I don't enjoy it, because I do. But I also tell the honest truth much of the time. So you can never know which is which, what's a lie and what's the truth. Does that make me like a devil? Or just a guy who enjoys wearing a rat suit far too much?

I've said before that my love of this rat suit has long passed. I would have taken it off long ago, but the zipper seems to be stuck and every time I try to ask someone to help me get it they run away screaming for some reason.

I never really thought that wandering around through the forest in a rat suit would be seen as strange, or even demented. But after some of the reactions I get, maybe I miscalculated just a bit. I still get some good pictures sometimes though, don't you think?

(I'll still swear today that a talking squirrel named Flynn took the picture above.)

If you see this guy coming at you in the forest, run for your life. The last thing you'll hear is a high pitched little voice saying, "Hold still, I'm gonna make you famous."

But this is where I have beaten him. I moved far away. Far away from crazy little adventurer squirrels armed with their own cameras. In fact, I haven't seen a squirrel in months. But now because of my cowardice even the birds are ashamed to look at the guy in the Ratty old rat suit. So I have to catch them off guard to get any good pictures.

I'll say this. Even though I saw so many squirrels in the past that they began speaking to me, none of these robins have uttered a word. So far anyway. Their mocking body language is enough for them I guess. They think they're smarter than me, but I have the last laugh. It's them you see in the pictures, not me. Except for that one picture up there I guess.

So after all of that, even though it was all the truth, and I confessed to being one of the biggest liars of all time, do you believe my story? I swear it's all true. It all happened. Except that pokemon hunt of course. Oh, and that broken leg. And maybe a few other details. But it's the truth. Really it is. And I have the pictures to prove it.

Maybe in my next post, if I'm on the right medication, I'll get back to my normal serious posts. But maybe this is normal. If you check out a few of my old posts you'll see that maybe I was always like this. Don't be afraid. I'll talk to you later.


  1. I too have stayed away from the game, but my kid are always playing.In 6 months it will fizzle.

  2. But... how do you shower with the rat suit on?

  3. hehehe, you know we knew, we weren't buying that!!

    having fun, being's all good!!!

  4. Lie is such a harsh word. I think it was more like you creatively embellished

  5. Hello,
    I guess everybody lie once in a while, sometimes to protec someone from the harsh truth but this is a lie anyway.
    For the game I don't play it but I have seen some peaople play.
    Have a nice day

  6. I enjoy mushroom hunt.
    And you, squirrel hunt.

    Let's go.

  7. That squirrel is a darn good photographer. And I am shocked, shocked, shocked that you either lied or had such a sense of humor or both ... who would have thunk it of a guy in a rat suit! ..... if borrowing said suit would ensure that I'd see a bird I swear I'd send you the postage money immediately. Harder and harder to get nature photos since we are now city mice while we're in Oregon.

  8. Your photos of nature are fantastic though! A lie now and then is good to keep life exciting!

  9. I'm one of the very few on Earth that is clueless about the Pokemon game too, but in our world, we are the cool ones :)

  10. Don't be afraid? I think that means I should be very afraid! ;)

  11. Hello,
    Yes ears can show so many things in the animal kingdom!
    Have a nice day