Monday, July 25, 2016

A Monster Of A Tale

It's been a little while since my last post. So, what happened? Well, I went on a little pokemon hunt and ran into a few little problems. First I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and walked off the side of a cliff. Broke my leg on that one. Then I accidentally walked into a raging river and got washed two states away. After some walking I accidentally crossed into Canada and got arrested by the border patrol. Finally, after straightening that out, on my way back here I was driving down the street playing this stupid game and I drove right into the back of a police car. All of this cost me half my fortune and took me two weeks to finally get back home.

So now I'm finally back. My broken leg heeled fast and I'm raring to go. Now I'd just like to forget about that moronic little adventure. Geocaching is much more fun than that game anyway.

But remembering what I was saying at the end of my last post. How could I top walking with bison? maybe an elephant? No. How about swimming with a whale? Unfortunately swimming just isn't for me. I had to think of something incredible. So I decided to look for an animal that hasn't been around for millions of years. This Stegosaurus is just the perfect thing.

Let me tell you, this giant dinosaur was much more dangerous than a few bison. I got just as close to this beast, but I really had to stealthily sneak up on it. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it just standing there in this grass. Who wouldn't want the first genuine pictures of a real dinosaur in millions of years?

I parked my truck far enough away that this monster wouldn't notice. Then I crept up on him, but I did it fast, and I was able to get close enough to reach out and touch him. I have to say that these creatures must be kind of blind because he never really seemed to realize at all that I was there. He didn't react to me at all. He never moved a muscle.

I thought about trying to ride him, but the thought of those plates sticking into my backside wasn't very appealing. So needless to say I decided to just take my pictures then leave this poor lonely creature in peace.

Later I met some guy not too far away that told me this stupid lie that this wasn't a real dinosaur at all, it was only a statue. I told him I knew he was lying just to keep it to himself, but he stuck to his story no matter how much I objected. What a jerk!

So that's my story. I think my next post will come a little sooner than this one took. I'm not sure if I can top getting pictures of a dinosaur, but we'll have to see just what happens. Hey, anything can happen here. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Been seeing some nice shots of Broken Kettle on Iowa Through The Lens Facebook site and wondered where you had been. My daughter got kicked out of a park and stayed up all night over the weekend with Pokeman. Her husband found a pair kissing.

  2. Goodness, you're living an exciting life with catching Pokemon. I can see it has a benefits as there are more kids walking around now :)

    Your dinosaur is an interesting figure, my children would have loved to see it.

  3. I walked to Canada and back the other day. Met a few stegosauruses too. We shared a lunch. Then went on our separate ways. Cheers.

  4. My, what an interesting and adventurous life you live.

  5. Careful! Its mate could be nearby.

  6. Oh anybody who can recover that quickly from all those Pokeman mishaps can surely top even a dinosaur. Hard to believe that one guy wanted to keep the information all to himself about this real monster...some people are so darn selfish!

    We wallked downtown the weekend after that game came out and I swear we were the only people on the street who didn't have a phone in front of our eyes. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if all those adventures happened somewhere to somebody (maybe not all to the same person -- except you of course.).

  7. have invaded here as well. i wish i had purchased stock in the company, but, who knew and who would have believed it??

    i am glad to hear you are recovering!! hehehehe

  8. Well you sure have been busy. Glad you gave up on Pokemon, that can be
    You were lucky that dinosaur didn't hear you sneaking up.

  9. Noooo! Not Pokemon! Or a broken leg would be the least of your worries! :)