Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Eclipse From Where I Live

What you see above is about as much of the eclipse as we got around here. It wasn't the complete and total thing, but it was a very interesting experience anyway. And as usual, I don't just have pictures. I will describe my pictures in my little story because that is the best way.

I was lucky just to see what I got to show you here. The weather forecast said it was going to be cloudy here with probable thunderstorms. I planned to try to see it even though I figured I'd only see clouds. But when I went outside the sky was very clear. I was extremely lucky.

I had already planned out my viewing location. I went to a very quiet place I often visit in North Sioux City, South Dakota. I chose it because it is surrounded by cornfields with nothing to obstruct my view. And very few other people ever visit this place.

After I got there I did a few other things for awhile because I was kind of early. But when I finally got into position to look for the eclipse to begin, I saw that it was already well underway. The picture above is one of the first I took after getting my phone camera adjusted enough to see it well enough.

I used my phone camera because I had a filter for it to see the eclipse through. I think it did okay for just a phone. I did have to manually adjust some of the settings though. Maybe I could have gotten it a little better with some practice, but how often is there time to practice this?

It was right after I got that picture at the top that the expected clouds moved in. Now I couldn't see anything through my filter, so I took it off. The sun was now dim enough through the clouds to see with the naked eye. So I took a few pictures before the clouds hid everything all the way. What you see above is the moon moving the other way across the sun. The eclipse was now ending.

It didn't get very dark here, but the light did dim quite a bit. It kind of looked like the day at sunset. As I was driving home the clouds turned almost black, and the sky opened up and we had a huge thunderstorm. I almost couldn't see the road as I traveled home.

I delayed my post that I usually deliver Monday just so I could bring this to you today. I hope you like it. It's not something you see every day. I'm sure you've seen better pictures of this eclipse on the news. But these pictures are from someone just like you. I'll talk to you later.


  1. I had clouds until late. I still got to see some of it.

  2. About 20 minutes before our 80% of sun's disk blocked, huge clouds rolled and cancelled the rest of the show.

  3. You were fortunate the clouds arrive later. Great job with a cell phone

  4. I'm glad you got to see it! We had clouds and there was no drama here. Bummer.

  5. It wasn't much to speak about here in Los Angeles. The colors changed a little, and that was about it.

  6. You managed to get some good photos! We had 98% coverage. My kids and I got those glasses and were able to view it. It was really interesting!

  7. It was sunny here but we only had a little over 70% coverage. Not real impressive here

  8. Your pictures are fabulous. We saw the total , but my pix are crap because we spent all our time figuring out the best place and none on how to take pix of it all... but I saw it all and that's the important thing!

    Did you mean Sioux Falls, SD?

    1. North Sioux City, SD. is a city just on the other side of the river from Sioux City, IA. There is also South Sioux City, NE., which is just kind of south of the others. The three make up one big metro area.

  9. Total eclipse of the sun!
    And you have captured it.
    Was Alice around? She must have felt very excited.