Friday, August 18, 2017

Just a Turtle On A Log

I visited that pond where I see water birds from time to time. The birds haven't shown up in a while, but I found something just as good. I found a turtle on a log!

Oh, you think, "So what? It's just a turtle." But I don't see many turtles around here. I have seen other turtles in this pond, but these are the first pictures I have of one from here. Who knows? Maybe I'm the only person ever to get a picture of a turtle from this out of the way country pond.

So think about that for a second or two. Now you're not just seeing a picture of a random turtle. You're getting to see something only a few people in the whole world have ever seen. Maybe that makes you special in some way now. You are part of a rare few.

This idea is maybe the main thing I love about nature. It's the thought that I'm the only person to get to see the things I see. That's much better than sitting home watching a ball game or something just like everyone else. No. I want to explore the unknown. And that's what I do every time I'm out there.

Now, this turtle didn't know it was helping to make me unique in any way. It was just sitting there on that log enjoying the sun. I'd guess that it didn't even know I was there. If it did it would have dropped itself back into the water with a plop. That's what they usually do.

And I'll go back to this pond again. Maybe I'll see another turtle. I probably won't feel quite as special about it when I do. But maybe I'll see more than one. Or maybe I'll see something completely unexpected. That last part is why I go. I'll talk to you later.


  1. made me remember my little Squirt this morning! I hope she is alive and enjoying her freedom.

    Turtles can sometimes be very shy, so it is not a surprise that you don't always see them.

    I enjoyed this today. Thanks!

  2. You have that spirit of adventure, Ratty. Great find. We don't have turtles here or in my previous home province. I would be thrilled to find a turtle such as this one.

  3. I think it is awesome that you got to see the turtle!

  4. They have good eyesight and hard to get close to

  5. I've never seen one around here. Lucky find.

  6. I'm the only person to get to see the things I see.
    I'm the only person to feel great to see the things I see.

  7. I always feel that way out in nature Ratty! As if I'm discovering something unique and special . Even when I'm on a trail and meet other people -- the second I'm looking at a certain turtle is not the exact same second the other person is seeing it. Or so I tell myself. I loved your unique turtle.