Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woodland Hills Pond


I want to show you one of the very first discoveries I ever made while hiking. This is the pond at the back of the Woodland Hills Nature Park. This park was the very first place I ever went hiking, and the pond instantly became one of my very favorite places.

This is probably the first place I think of when I feel the need to go somewhere to relax. I go to many different places now, but I’ve been to this pond twice this week. This place sooths my mind and heals my soul. I really need it right now.

The first several times I was here I didn’t see any wildlife, but back then the pond was enough. It usually still is. I really don’t know why I never featured this place in a post before. I’ve shown pictures, but the post has always been about something else.


There are several places to just stand and watch the pond here. Where these pictures were taken from is the first place you can see this pond when you get there. If you take the path to the right, it leads you behind the trees, but around the pond to a bridge that crosses a narrow section.

After crossing that bridge you can follow a path clear to the other side of the pond. That path travels across the edge of the trees there in the distance. After that, the path goes into the trees and back behind them into the forest.

Usually if it has rained recently, that path behind those trees is nothing but mud. Gladly, that seems to have changed recently, so my boots have been free of mud for the last few weeks. Back there, and at this pond, you really get to feel like you’re in the wilderness.


Here’s one last picture for you. It’s the bridge that crosses the pond. I just thought you might want to see it this time. I love standing on this bridge and looking down into the water.

Before I go, I want to tell you about my evil internet provider. That place also supplies me with TV. Well actually they don’t. At least not at this moment! I’m typing this post without internet or TV right now. About two weeks ago everything stopped working one morning. After it came back, it still goes out at random times.

It’s not just me though. This is happening for everybody around here right now. They won’t say what the problem is. I hope it’s not just stupid laziness. If I don’t pay, they shut it off. They should refund some of my money since they only seem to give me service part of the time. Can you tell I’m angry? I need to go back to the pond again!

I’ll talk again tomorrow… I hope!


  1. Beautiful reflection of nature in your photos!

    I was worried about you for a minute there when I checked in this morning, and didn't see your post! Glad you're back online..I have the same problem with me internet provider..

  2. We are having problems with our Dish Network too...especially in getting our local station since the conversion to digital. When you live as rural as we do, we are held hostage to poor service and technology. I get my internet thru DSL at AT&T...our server is verrrry slow and frustrating...
    I am glad you have the pond to go to for stress.
    I go out into the woods a few times a week (or out on our boat on the lake). It helps a lot.
    So sorry you are going through some things now (that you hinted at in your last few posts).
    Hope things get better for you soon. The Squirrels and the deer are rooting for you too!

  3. that pond is absolutely beautiful. i would love to have a place like that to go to relax.

    i can also relate to the internet thing. it really isn't right that they don't give some kind of refund for the times that they are messed up.

  4. I can see the beautiful reflection of nature in the pond. If you go back to the pond again, hopefully you'll see a happy face surrounding by the soothing nature.

  5. It is a beautiful pond, I can imagine why you like to be there to recharge.

    Just try to file a complaint to the evil provider. Make sure you sound angry :D they might give you refund or free donuts... I hope :)

  6. beautiful and very relaxing photos.

    sorry to hear about your internet provider, i believe you can ask for rate adjustment for the month since you only got connection part time. i think with our connection here before, we got some trouble which did not last half a day, i complained to customer service and they gave us rate deduction (they call it coupon) for that month.

  7. That's familiar! :) You made me miss my previous place actually. There are so many similar pondy areas here but the difference is that they are knd of continuation of some minor canals here in Holland but they have these ponds in the middle where the ducks and swans enjoy. You'll see it here and you may compare.

    Beautiful naturely shots as usual.

  8. Ratty- O, my! It sounds like you don't live in the "city" like I thought you did. What a bummer... TV not so much... no internet- YIKES! Funny how we get so dependent on it. Hope you are fully fixed soon. Glad the pond helped some.

  9. The reflection in the pond is just so inviting and displays nature at it's true essence. I love the wooden path as well. These are glorious photos.

  10. Nice scenery photos of that ponds. I like the reflections too...waited for your next visit to that pond.

    Just be patient with your internet provider...

  11. Your pond looks so peaceful. No wonder you like going there. I'd love to be standing on a little bridge like that too, looking at all the little critters in the water.
    I know how frustrating it can be to lose your internet. I have had quite a few problems with my DSL in the past few months. It is finally working better since the last time they worked on the lines. Still slows down at times and goes off now and then. It really makes me mad but they have been good about it and I have gotten four months free service this year because of it. I call them and talk to them. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the free months probably. Good luck with it Ratty.

  12. The lake looks like a fantastic place to sit, relax and think.

    We have trouble with our internet provider too. Sometimes it's too slow to use and other times doesn't work at all :-(

  13. The pond looks like the perfect place to go and relax or just get away from the demands of everyday life. I envy your private respite.
    I do hope things get better for you soon, with the Internet provider as well as the rough times you've hinted at.
    All the best,

  14. The pond is beautiful and it does look relaxing. A fantastic retreat from the everyday world.

    Sorry about your ISP, they can be a pain. Ours is great most of the time but lately they have been down for service late at night which is of course when I like to blog. Add in the computer crash I had the first of the week and I am so far behind. I feel your pain!