Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Spring

Before I start this post, I want to let everyone know that Sharkbytes has continued the 5th Picture Meme game over on her My Quality Day site. Here's a link to the post: 5/5 Meme Ends Up in North Dakota

Don't miss this one. Her picture is animated, and she did a really good post. Plus she has an irresistible mystery post coming up. I can't wait! Read her post either before or after mine. However you do it, you'll leave a little happier. Now onto my story for today.

Today is going to be a very warm day here, and yesterday saw more warm weather. The snow is melting again, because of this warm winter weather. We have been going from cold days to warmer days and back again lately. We will go back to cold temperatures before the week is done.

Are these new warmer days a sign that winter is almost over and spring is coming? Yes! These are definitely the first signs of spring. But wait, I'm not saying spring is here yet. I'm just saying that we're seeing the very earliest signs of it now.

It's still possible for winter to rebound and throw us down into the icy deep freeze that it kept us in last month. But it doesn't have much time to do that anymore. We have only a little over a month before winter breaks it's icy grip on us.

I know there are some doubters out there. I know who some of you are. Winter always makes one last gasp attempt to keep ahold of all of us. It may happen some time at the beginning of April. We will think spring is here, and a huge snowstorm will hit. But it won't last long.

By then, winter will have to turn over this part of the world to the warmth of spring. It's coming and the signs are all around us. Our snow has been mixed with rain now more and more. Our frozen lakes and rivers are beginning to melt, and each freeze is weaker than the last. We are truly seeing the decline of winter.

With this new ice melt, I found out that there is a river running next to my new found Carpenter Lake. I can't wait to sneak down there and find out where it goes. I'm finally seeing what this park will be like when it gets warm.

Another great sign of spring here in the USA is the first games of Spring Training Baseball. I'm a huge baseball fan, and I have high hopes for my Detroit Tigers. Spring training is always a good sign that spring is coming. The regular baseball season will begin in only one month from now.

Baseball is definitely a warm weather sport, so we know they're hoping for warm breezes and sunny skies when the baseball teams get ready to start battling each other. Right now they are only warming up in two of our warmest states, but baseball is one more true sign of spring. By the way, my team won it's first game 5-4.

There it is, my secret way to sneak baseball into my usual nature stuff. I think it fit pretty well. I don't know if anybody noticed, but I snuck another reference in there too. For all of you book readers out there, can you guess where I stole my post title from?

Okay, I'll talk to you all in the comments section later, and in my next post tomorrow.

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  1. Good to see the river starts to be lively with flowing water, small creatres and so forth again. Spring means more green story from you.

  2. As I got to know your blog in autumn and winter, I am looking forward to your spring and summer posting...

  3. Thank you so much Ratty! Folks have been clicking over to see me! I'm getting ready to go out the door for my trip, but I had to celebrate the hints of spring with you. We had rain too yesterday. You are usually about 2 weeks ahead of us in the change to spring, though. I need to refrain from getting too antsy.

  4. I will feel totally confused about spring this year....because we had hard winter up north of you...then we went to the Dominican Republic (summer!), back home (hard winter) and now we drove to Florida (spring and summer) and next week we will drive back north again (hard winter again...they got 12 inches of snow yesterday in the U.P.!!) HELP!!!???

  5. hey there! just stopping by, hadn't heard from you in a while. plus, I've been busy too.
    It's been feeling little like Spring here in St. Louis, too. I was brave and turned my heat off yesterday. No, it's not really very warm, but I think warm enough to let an electric space heater get us through (and save some money).

  6. hehe, it is okay to sneak baseball into nature stuff, i believe they would do well together too. i too am a sports fan, but am into tennis, and sometimes, i also feel the itch to talk about tennis instead especially during the slams, i know i will eventually.

    i really have bad allergies, yet, the beauty of spring does not stop me from going outside and hitting the trails.

  7. Rainfield - I'll be happy when the green and the animals come back. I also hope I'll be better prepared when next winter comes.

    Kruel - I hope that my spring posts will be more positive than the winter posts have been. This has been an unusually cold winter.

    Sharkbytes - More of this rain means spring is getting closer. As you know, we still have more winter ahead, but spring is coming. I'm getting antsy for your special post!

    The Retired One - You've had some exciting reasons to be confused! I am envious of your adventures. I think I remember it snowed at least once in the UP in the summer time. 12 inches is rough.

    DNLee - I still make sure I read your site regularly, but I guess I have been lacking in the comments. I've been really busy with non blog things lately. It's good to hear that it's even slightly warmer in St. Louis. That means we can look forward to the same.

    Betchai - I have wanted to mention baseball for awhile now. I haven't played tennis much. In an industrial city like Detroit, they don't really make it easy to enjoy tennis. I used to play a little when I was a kid, but we were all terrible at it.

    Allergies are the one bad thing about spring that I always forget about. I have allergies too, so I hope they don't affect me too much.