Monday, February 23, 2009

Alice's Little Deer

A while back when Alice made her special little post, Greetings From Alice, she showed you this photo of a cute little baby deer. I told her she could show anything she wanted from that day, and this turned out to be one of those things. I think she did a very good job with her post, but there was only one problem.

The problem was that I wanted to be the one to show you the deer. So when I saw that she had picked that one, I was extremely disappointed. Still, I would rather be the one that was disappointed than her, so I didn't say anything. I just let her show the photo, because I wanted her to be happy.

I was glad I didn't spoil anything for her, because as it turned out, she was very happy and proud of her post. It was the only time I ever let anyone else write anything on here, and she knew it. She had been going out on those trails with me since before I had this blog, so when she asked to write a post here, I knew that it was the right thing to do.

Anyway, back to this little deer. We didn't actually see it at Carpenter, where we went that day. We were on the way home, when I remembered a road that lead into the other side of the forest that was behind my house. I actually never went in there before, so I asked her if she'd like to go sight seeing before we finished our trip.

Well, that is one of Alice's favorite things. It's the real reason she likes to go on the hiking trips with me. Alice is a very curious little girl, and very much like the Alice in the stories, so she immediately wanted to go.

The road is an old dirt road, and we had no idea what to expect. When I turned my truck onto it, I noticed immediately that the road went uphill right around a blind corner. It wasn't a very wide road either, so I had to drive carefully. I was watching out for any vehicles coming from the other direction when I saw it.

It seems after not seeing any animals at all at Carpenter, Alice's magic of Wonderland began to work again! There was that little deer walking around in the trees by the side of the road. I pointed it out to Alice, and she immediately wanted to stop and get some pictures. But I couldn't do it, because of the blind turn we were on. So we kept on going.

We drove up the road and discovered that there was a quiet little neighborhood up there. It was like being in the country right inside the city. The people that were there weren't like country folk at all though. People from the country are mostly friendly, but these people just stared at us with suspicion in their eyes.

So we drove back out hoping that our little deer was still there. I knew the road by now, so I knew I could stop safely. As we approached the spot where we saw the deer, I began to drive very slowly, looking out for it. Sure enough there it was, still in the same area, but further back in the trees.

I stopped the truck and began taking as many pictures of it as I could before another car came, or the deer decided it didn't like us anymore. The road stayed quiet of other vehicles, but the deer began to edge away from us. I didn't want to frighten the little child deer too much, so I handed the camera to Alice, and we drove away.

There is actually a good sized herd that lives in that forest, but that little one must have decided to try a small adventure of it's own. Hopefully it made it back home safely. City deer like ours seem almost like pets, so they are mostly protected. As long as they stay in their little forest, they're safe.

That's the story of the little deer in Alice's picture. We went home happy with lots of stories to tell. I'm glad I let Alice give everyone the first sighting of the little deer, because I think it was really there for her anyway.

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  1. Finally I realised that there are no difference between deer or monkeys, the only minor one that need to be mentioned is geography.
    Monkey to me is too normal but to Alice's eye there are still wonder, a lot of wonder.
    I'll invite Alice with me on my next hiking trip.

  2. Well this is my last comment so bye. :(

  3. Seems to be a well-fed little baby! What I am becoming "curiouser and curiouser" about (as the other Alice once said) is WHO IS ALICE? I think you are too young for a granddaughter, but I don't think she is your daughter or you would take her more often. Do you borrow a neighborhood bairn? Is she really a person, or do you just pretend, and tease us with pictures of children you happen to see in the distance? Of course the mystery keeps us coming back, but you can't stop me from being curious!
    signed- a Cheshire Cat in shark's clothing

  4. Rainfield - Right, while the deer is normal to me, the monkey is normal to you. There is one difference though. Deer can't throw things at us. I think Alice would delighted by the invitation. I think she might be more fascinated with monkeys than I am.

    Kayli - That's a shame, I liked your comments. I was really hoping you'd take me up on my offer, and become my greatest critic. You're welcomeback here anytime.

    O-Zam - Thanks:)

    Sharkbytes - The deer is from a very comfortable herd that lives in a safe place. You are correct that Alice is not my daughter or granddaughter. She is a very real person. I mentioned her in a comment on one of your sites a while back. I keep most of her identity secret for her own protection, since this site is broadcast to the world. Our area is too populated to take chances. I know of at least two evil red queens in my neighborhood alone. The only reason I talk about Alice at all is because she likes it so much, and her personality is so much like the Alice in the story. And I know that some very good people here like to read about her. That's all I really can reveal about Alice.

    Actually, even my Fiction Friday stories have had a substance of truth to them so far. I have other characters that are real people too.

  5. The in page comment system on Blogger seems to be broken, so I have changed it back to the old way for now. It seems to be like this on other blogs as well. I can't comment on any of them, because the security code isn't working.

  6. Captivating story. It is pleasing to know that others share in taking our children on "adventures". I love them myself, and it grew with our children as they moved on into their own lives. So whenever I hear that either of the is going on/or went on and "adventure", my heart swells and smiles.


  7. I'm all for two sides of the same story. It's nice to get an innocent view and then a Ratty one :)

  8. Tulip's Talking - It's funny because I never intended to take Alice along or write about it, but she liked it so much I decided it was something I had to do.

    WiseAcre - Alice's unique view on things is so amusing to me that I sometimes take her along just for new material. I haven't been disappointed yet. She has very strong opinions on things.

  9. Without even trying we are drawn to deer. Never seem to tire of seeing them. Thanks to you and Alice!

  10. The Traveler - I feel drawn to the deer too. I've had several encounters with the same herd now. I did feel like I was harassing that little one though, so I made it as quick as I could.