Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greetings From Alice

Today I'm going to do something very different. A very special guest has returned, and this time she had a request. My guest is the one and only Alice, and she asked if she could write a post right here on The Everyday Adventurer. So today's post was written by her, and she even picked out all the pictures. So now, here's Alice and her post for today.

Greetings from Wonderland. Thank you for all the wonderful comments about me. I greatly enjoy them. I see the most peculiar things with Ratty.

We may have stumbled into Narnia. The reason I think we were there is we stumbled upon a tree that looked like the leaves would flow right next to us and form to the shape of a woman. I think it was trying to tell us something. The two of us where very surprised.

We also saw a baby deer. He was the cutest little thing! He looked straight at me and into my eyes as I looked back into his.

As you know Ratty is very fond of nature, but sadly had never been to Wonderland before. I have hoped he would come but he couldn't, so I supposed I had to bring Wonderland to him. Now he comes to Wonderland all the time. I do hope you will join us too!

Wonderland has not changed the slightest bit. I have to hide from the Queen after that incident with the Cheshire cat. The Queen still shouts off with her head whenever she sees me. I have to return to Wonderland for now but I will return soon.

Your friend, Alice

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  1. Glad you got Ratty down the rabbit hole. I've enjoyed the Wonderland photos and stories you bring back.

  2. Hi Alice! Be sure to take Ratty all over your wonderful world. Glad you are here today.

  3. Hi Alice, my little girl, please don't leave Ratty alone frequently.
    As long as Ratty has you with him, you will be with us as well.

  4. rainfield61
    Dont worry to much about that I don't leave him alone to much. Me and ratty go together like peas in a pod. I like having everyone on our adventures to wonderland!

    The Retired One
    I will do. Sometimes I put a disguise on to trick her into thinking I am not Alice.The first time i put on a disguise, I ran into Tweedledee and Tweedledum and they had no idea it was me.

    I am also glad to be here. I take Ratty almost every time i go but he usually has to leave before me to spend time on the website and carry out with his business.


    I had to lure him in with some cheese and he had to see the cheese at all times or else he would lose interest. I am glad to know you enjoy my world.


  5. Alice do bring a sense of cheer to you Ratty. Hope the adventure will go on

  6. I love Alice! she is great! the best person I have ever heard of!

  7. Kruel - I try to bring Alice back whenever I can, but her visits are always way too short. She always seems to make the adventures extra special.

    Anonymous - I like the way you think.:)

  8. I love Alice and wonderland, thanks for sharing your pictures in wonderland Alice.

  9. Betchai - Alice has gone home now, but I'll be sure to tell her what you said. She has been very thrilled with all of these comments.:)

  10. Hi Alice! U R my bff!!!!!!!!

  11. A stranger says hi!!!!

  12. Greetings Alice!
    Kayli Ray

  13. Greetings!!
    From Taco

  14. Hi Burrito! I mean Alice!!
    Senserely,Taco I mean stranger?

  15. Hi Anonymous, I told Alice you were here. She's glad to know some of her friends from Wonderland could make it. :)

  16. Hi when is the next time Alice can write here?

  17. Anonymous - That depends on the next time Alice comes back from Wonderland.