Friday, December 12, 2008

Alice's Wonderland

Today I want to show you a few of the pictures taken by Alice herself. Usually, when she comes out to these places with me, she has her own camera. But the only problem is that she lost her battery pack for hers, so I let her use mine for a little ways. Alice seems to be always losing things.

There was the time she lost that rabbit. She was desperate to retrieve it, and I have some of the pictures, and the story from back then. Her mom seems to be constantly frustrated with her for losing things, but I think she should go a little easier on her. Alice is only a little kid, and kids sometimes lose things.

Well, Alice seems to have lost something else. She had a whole bunch of cupcakes, and like all little kids, loves cupcakes. She couldn't bring one out here on the hiking trails with her, so she kept thinking about her lost cupcakes. She began to see cupcakes everywhere.

Up in this photo at the top, she said she saw a giant inverted cupcake. The problem with an inverted cupcake is that there is nothing inside it. I guess it's lost too. Well, I guess there could be something inside it. Maybe it's really a secret passage to another world, like Wonderland.

Here's another picture Alice took, that I thought was pretty good. As much as Alice seems to lose things, she also seems to find some of the strangest things I have ever heard of. She has seen things like giant cupcakes, dragons, and wild people.

Some of the strangest things she sees are these trees that grab people when they get too close. I showed you one of these monster trees a few days ago. Here is another one that Alice found right beside the nature trail.

She wanted to get in closer to get a good picture, but I told her to keep her distance. Even though this tree was safely locked away in a cage of small branches and twigs, it looked like it was angry. It was ready to grab anything that came near. You can see one of those tentacles reaching out for us where we stood.

This last photo that Alice took shows what might be her favorite place in Wonderland. This is the place where she chased the rabbit, and was magically transformed into Alice. Being a little kid, she forgets about a lot of things, but she never forgets about that rabbit.

As soon as she saw where we were, she pointed right to where the rabbit was. I reminded her how I had to stop her from running off into the forest after it. She still desperately denies that she wasn't going to run into the forest, but I was there. I remember her saying she was going to do it. Then she quickly changed the subject.

She began taking pictures of this Wonderland rest area, as I guided her as to where she should point the camera for the best results. I think she did pretty well. Then she asked if it was okay if she rolled down the hill. I said, What?" She then repeated that she wanted to roll down the hill.

Then I figured out what she was really going to do. She was going to roll down that hill as an excuse to get down there and find that rabbit again. I told her that maybe she could do it next time. I was too tired to have to search for her in the forest. What if she fell down a rabbit hole?

With that, we moved on to our last and greatest sighting of the day. I'll be back to tell you about it, hopefully next time. See you then!

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  1. Alice interprets her world through her pictures; I did read a story about a princess who drew a hat, and told everyone there was a snake inside it, if I remember correctly. This is their world. And we are too complicated-minded to understand theirs.

  2. Love the first pic, very descriptive, to the point. outstanding.

  3. You're right, Rainfield61. I never see most of these things until Alice says they are there. Then they appear as if by magic. I keep telling myself to try and look for things like this, but it's hard to do without a little kid along.

    Thanks Steve. Most of the idea of this picture belongs to Alice. She took the picture because she saw a giant cupcake there.

  4. Love the second photo the way the sun peeks through those cold snowy branches. It's beautiful.

  5. I noticed the same thing, Jodapoet. It took me until this evening to notice the sun there, but when I did, I loved it. I don't know how I missed that until today. Alice did a good job with her photos.

  6. Hi Ratty,

    It looks like Alice is going to give us both some competition with the photos :-)

    I remember I used to love rolling down hills...


  7. Sounds that you have a great time with Alice again. Now she become a photographer with great imaginations too. Sounds that she really have fun hiking with you.

  8. Hi John, Alice has actually been taking pictures longer than I have. I'm not sure I want to compete with her, I'd probably lose.:)
    When the weather gets better, I'll have to take her back to that hill so she can roll down it.

    Exactly Rose, I think Alice really likes going and seeing nature. Whenever she is there, the animals seem to come out. They must like her too.