Monday, February 9, 2009

Alice And The New Park

I'm back from my one day hiatus. I think Alice wanted to say something for a long time, and she finally asked me if she could. Of course I was happy to let her talk. I think she did a very good job with her post, especially since it was the first time she ever did anything like this.

I knew for about a week that she would be here. That's why I waited until now to visit this new nature park, Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve. I thought she would love to visit an all new place, and I knew it would be extra fun to see the place for the first time with her along.

Waiting all week to walk through this park was a rough thing for me. Every day I was tempted to give in and go and see it without her. I knew that if I did, I would feel bad for the rest of the week. These thoughts all week kind of stifled my writing last week. Maybe that's why I did some of the crazier posts.

Well, I was hoping all week that I wouldn't be disappointed by this place when I finally got to see it. After all, I had high hopes for this place when I first found it last weekend. I always have the thought that I will be disappointed in these situations. I was really prepared to go home unhappy.

I didn't tell Alice any of this of course. I told her that we would be visiting a fantastic new place. She was very excited with that thought, and she was ready to go. It was a sunny day, even though the weather report said it was going to rain. That is, until we got ready to go.

The clouds moved in when we decided to head out to the park, and they didn't leave until we were finished. I thought the day would be ruined, but Alice's magic worked it's charm again. It was a damp day, but it didn't rain even a little bit.

We got to the park wondering what we would see. The map at the front showed a dam in the back. I thought I knew that place, but I know now that I was mistaken. The beginning of the trail curved around so the rest was concealed. We had no idea what to expect.

As we started out, the first thing I noticed was the fact that this was a very thick forest. There were more trees here than any other place I've been so far. That's made things seem better even in the winter when the trees are bare. Just wait until spring! This place will be wonderful then.

This park isn't the biggest of the parks that I've been to, but it turned out to be one of the good ones. After going in further, I realized that my fear of disappointment was completely unfounded. This place is great! It's everything I hoped it would be! I'm glad I brought Alice along on this one.

Here she is in this last photo urging me to go faster. I was busy taking pictures, but she wanted to see everything now. She finally found her lost camera, but forgot to bring it from home. That seems to be the way she does things. She doesn't really need the camera anyway.

I'll be showing more of this place in the upcoming days. I also still have some of my adventures from last week to talk about. And there is something really big I need to show you along the way too. I hope none of these things get lost along the way. I didn't expect so many things to happen in the winter.

I guess all it took was for me to get out and start looking around again. I needed to break away from my routine. I'll try to show you everything from these adventures before the snow finally melts for good this year. We still have plenty of winter left, but I have many more everyday adventures already than I can keep up with. Let's see if I can do it.

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  1. Is it still snowing there. Looking at the pictures make me feel cold. It has been really hot here this last few days

  2. Winter, trees are bare, thick forest, Spring, Alice, all these words jumping around. Can't wait until Spring to see what Alice will find in this thick forest. I am counting....

  3. Ok, now you have me curious...hmmmm...something "really big" coming???? Did you see Yetti? An albino deer? WHAT? Dear Lord, WHAT>>????????????

  4. Ratty- this is great stuff. Where you said, "The beginning of the trail curved around so the rest was concealed. We had no idea what to expect;" that is called good trail design. Isn't it great? Just calls one to come explore! And I too, now that I'm looking for things to share with people, am amazed that I keep finding more things than I can use.

  5. Kruel - Actually it has gotten kind of warm here. The snow is melting fast, but there is so much of it piled up that it is still everywhere. This has been an unusually cold and snowy winter for us.

    Rainfield - We still have a little over a month of winter here, but I'm waiting for spring too. Alice liked this new place, but I don't think she likes the snow very much. She'll really like it when the leaves are back on the trees.:)

    The Retired One - I do have something big, but it's not as exciting as a Yeti. It's just a piece of something that Michigan, and especially Detroit is known for. That should give you a good guess. I hope you're not disappointed.

    Sharkbytes - This new trail I found was put together only recently. Everything in there looks new, and they're still working on some things. It's exciting to see. I'm glad I went out and looked around, because I was beginning to get bored with thesame old things.

  6. Something Detroit is known for? Are you gonna show us some abandoned car factories????? Ok, now you got me really wondering. You big tease, you.

  7. The Retired One - Here's a clue. The evidence is all around us. When my favorite author, Robert Jordan would be asked about something he didn't want to reveal quite yet, he would reply, "Read and find out." Then he would laugh like a maniac.:)

  8. your story of alice asking you to go faster reminds me of my niece when she was way younger too when we go hiking :) but now that she enjoys taking photos, i was surprised she is the one who makes me wait sometimes :)

    Hmmm, I am curious as what is next, something that is Detroit is known for. Cars?

  9. Betchai - Alice keeps forgetting to bring her camera along. I usually have to wait for her too when she remembers it.:)

    It's actually more what Michigan is known for than Detroit, but this part is local to Detroit. I'll have to post it sooner than I was going to. I didn't think anyone would be very interested when I mentioned it. It might be obvious when I show it, but maybe a little disappointing.